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Thursday, December 01, 2005
  Dinner with His Massiveness
I had dinner last night with His Royal Penisness at Green Mango before my Spanish class. Green Mango directly faces the Brass Rail so I had a spectacular view of huge pictures of strippers. We got onto the topic and he told me he had considered a career in porn at one point.

Ms. Ms: Do you think you'd be good at it?
HSofE: Yeah
Ms. Ms.: (stifling a giggle, all the while thinking: 'mmmm... he'd be great....'): Why?
HSofE: There are 2 things that are very important for men to do if they are in the porn industry. 1: They have to be ready to go, at any time
Ms. Ms: (cocks eyebrow)
HSofE: And 2: They have to be able to ... you know... on command.
Ms. Ms: And you can do that?
HSofE: No.... I think I'd need to practice.

Then he went on to tell me about "Ball Fluffers". Girls who are hired to make sure Adult Film Professionals are ready to go, when they are needed to perform. Some Ball Fluffers might have to serve a room full of guys! Big-time stars might have their own assistant.

He was also describing what grueling work it is: having to film on such a low budget with short deadlines, having to have sex over and over again and keep getting it up, the strenuous positions, and having to look like you're enjoying yourself a every time.

I wonder if I missed the boat for a potential career as a Ball Fluffer ?
Ms.Ms don't tell me, in all your experiences and life adventures, that you had never heard of a Fluffer before? Even little Hickteeth knew about this career opportunity, and if it weren't for my trick jaw.. well you know where I'd be!
ms. ms., its never too late for a career change. if you dream of it, take the leap.
i'm with hick on this... you really had never heard of the ball fluffer before? c'mon! i find that hard (no pun intended) to believe!! maybe they get skanky teenaged gilrs to do it.
also, have sat at green mango and have had many a porn/stripper induced conversation. very humerous!
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