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Thursday, October 26, 2006
  An Almost Successful First Outing
Well, it was the first attempt for an all-OurFiveCents outing and it was 80% successful.

Attendants : Hickteeth, Ms Ms, OOTG, Madame Shenanigan
Venue : Las Vegas, a.k.a. Sin City

Not in Picture : Tali - due to unfortunate circumstances

Despite the missing party (who was very missed) this 20% of OFC had an amazing weekend. Full of laughter and silly antics as expected.

Thank you for a great time with the girls. And as was pointed out and noticed by moi, it would not have been the same with significant others. I just don't think Cuddles' boob almost popping out of his bikini would have been as funny. Nor would the C's vocal rendition of my need to pee, and nor would Madame S's hubby's accidental genital rub with OOTG (well, ok that one might have been just as funny).

Next year, someone else can choose the venue and hopefully - it will be 100% successful, with no missing parties.

Thanks again ladies, it really was fantastic.
And thanks Madame S, for the momento - the gold belt of delight!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
  What are you wearing in Vegas
A little cross blogging for you --- but seriously what are you guys wearing?!
You can post as 'guest' by using user name 'guest' and password: password (i know, real original!)
I need a plane outfit, a day outfit and a night outfit. And shoes. Shoes are always the hardest. Are we planning on going to any clubs?

  It feels like there's a piece of material shoved up my ass.
This morning I put on a lovely outfit. Skirt, long turtleneck, socks and cute shoes. I went for the socks option since I didn't want to put on tights.

Tights bother me, they bunch and pull and are tight around the stomach area, making a bump where they end and making me look like the michelin man in a turtleneck. I don't like the VPLs not do I like the VTE (Visible Tight Endage) so, I chose knee-highs. My skirt covers past the top of the sock - don't worry.

I also chose to wear a thong with my skirt (seea above re : my view on VPLs). It being colder, and therefore not generally skirt weather, I haven't graced my posterior with a thong in a long while.

As I got out of my car and walked to the bus, a sensation came over me. I got more uncomfotable, and was walking funny and acutally thought to myself "It Feels Like There's a Piece of Material Shoved Up My Ass" and the second thought that came to mind was "Oh Crap - There Is" and then "And I'll Have To Feel It All Day" followed closely by "I Can't Even Pick It Out!"

Picking it out : will help for 3 minutes until it creeps right on back in there and snuggles up warmly to my redeye.
Removing it : will cause me wonder all day if anyone will notice me going commando.
There are no other options : except wearing them more often to get used to it or never wearing them again.

Sitting down seems to be a comfortable option. As I type I can barely feel the little bugger. I guess I'm destined to remain on my thong-laden rear today.
Saturday, October 14, 2006
  Done and Done
Ok girls..I'm in. Booked my ticket to Vegas. Friday night to Sunday night!

So who do I owe money to now and how much?

See you guys next week! WOOOHOOO!
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
  Hickteeth is right
You know, girls, you DO deserve something new and crass and perverted to enjoy. Try this out for size (BUT NOT AT WORK PLEASE! NOT AT WORK!):


Don't worry- it's a clothing company! Make sure you watch all 3 "advertisements" (but only if you're into porn).
  Sad State of Affairs
This poor little blog hasn't been updated for over 3 weeks!

It is a sad state of affairs when the five of us are too busy to write crass little tid-bits of human nature to each other.

Where have all the dirty jokes and penile-references gone?
I weep silently and contemplate our slow demise...

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