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Friday, March 31, 2006
  Does liking cheesy love songs make me weird?
First off I want to apologize for starting my own separate Blog. It was not an intentional insult to this Blog. I had a story to tell the world and it had been so long that I couldn’t remember my log in to this one. Fortunately Hick Teeth came to my rescue and put me back on course. OOTG is right, my taxes are done, I don’t have a job now is the time I can catch up. And now I’ve been “tagged” --- Challenged if you will.

So here I am – Weird things. Well I’m not weird. But I guess I have some idiosyncrasies that some others would consider odd.

1. Talking Cats. Can’t get enough of them --- or ANY non-animated animal that is personified. It seems to crack me up to no end while others remain unphased. Is that weird? Doesn’t everyone think taking animals are hilarious? AFLACK?! Common, it’s funny stuff!
2. I’ve spent the last 4 days pasting Nipples on a She Demon (frame by frame for a movie! THE SLAUGHTER) I close my eyes and all I see are floating Nipples – now even I know that’s weird!
3. I love tomatoes but hate tomato sauce!
4. There are certain types of perfume that cause me to go insane. Not good insane, just lose it completely and freak out insane!
5. I like the Song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Now you’ve gotten me admitting my deepest darkest secrets.
6. and finally – a weird fact that most of you don’t know. My right armpit is hairier than my left!!! (due to a debouched laser hair removal episode!)

Phewph. I did it! Wow, when you start to get on it there are a lot of things you can come up with. I’ve bookmarked this sight on my Toolbar. This is not the last you will be hearing from me!
Monday, March 27, 2006
  Stealing the Odd
So, I think I am now appropriating my fellow bloggers' weirdnesses.

Like OOTG, I now sometimes wear the same thing Two Days in a Row.

Like Ms.Ms - I can't ride a bike! Just kidding. I can actually, I mean who can forget? It's like... you know.
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  The Weirdness-Tag
Well MsMs,

You asked for it you got it - Toyota!
I am not sure if I can get up to 6 weird things, after all - I'm not weird! But here are a few :

1. There are some things in this beautiful and strange world of ours that can make me laugh until it hurts, so much that I actually cry like a banchee watching "Beaches". These things do not always make other people laugh.
Example 1 : the food item "Trifle". I disgusting concoction consisting of some kind of pudding like substance, whipped cream, random other things and often floating pieces of fruit, like marachino cherries. It's an undigestable mish-mash of revolt to me, and one that can send me into convulsions of laughter. It's a delicious dessert to others.
Example 2 : Hickteeth. Yes, the very thing from which my blog name has stemmed. I wore those mofos around for a full month; into bars, while chatting with friends. My boyfriend at that time (let's call him "The Back") almost broke up with me over it.

2. My weirdness about buying clothes... It starts with me thinking that I have nothing interesting or different to wear and ends up with me buying clothes that I like, and which inevitably are similar to the clothes I already own. The middle part involves obsessing about how much money I can actually spend, worrying that I own something too similar to what I am about to buy and thinking about the item I did not buy for days, until I finally just buy it!

3. The way I eat. I will not go into this one, because truthfully you all know about it more than me. I don't even notice that I eat weird! I really don't - just you all have told me so many times I must assume it's true. The one thing that I do know is that I like the smell of food and therefore, I often smell it before I eat it. Is that so weird?!

4. I worry and worry and am convinced that I smell bad. I think about it when I am close to people and they turn their head away (even to blow their nose). I am sure I stink! I shower every day, I wear deo... yet, still I worry. Partly due to the fact that Cuddles convinced me to stop using anti-persperant due to the Alluminum content. I use deo, but I am sure it is not nearly as effective as the strong stuff in fighting the stink that I am.

5. I really like hand dryers in washrooms. I find the warmth 'soothing" (It's so soothing!). And when I am alone....when I'm all by myself... when no one is looking... I lift my shirt and let the warm air blow on my stomach. C'est vrai!

Ok, so I got 5... that's not bad. If any of you want to add #6 - please feel free... I can take it.

Did anyone learn anything new today?
Monday, March 20, 2006
  Y'All Are It
I tagged you! All 5 Centsers must post 6 weird things or habits about themselves and pass on to other bloggers, if you know any.

Hee hee!
Sunday, March 19, 2006
  What am I, some kind of masochist?
Jason and I have a long tradition of seeing horror movies together. In the last month or 2, we have seen at least 3: at my house, at his house, at the theatre.

I sit there, shifting from one butt-cheek to the other in my seat, gripping at my coat, the seat cushion, Jason's arm, anything to somehow diffuse the sheer terror and revulsion I experience during the viewing of these movies. My breath is held for minutes at a time. I leave the theatre feeling slightly nauseated.

Yet, every time he asks me to see another of these films o'terror, I agree wholeheartedly and throw myself into the bloodshed and gore again and again.

"Saw", "The Ring","Texas Massacre"? Bring 'em on!! "The Hills Have Eyes"? I half-covered my eyes through it this afternoon. I actually paid $12 to watch a movie through a crack between my fingers. It was frightening! Bloody too.

Why do I subject myself to this? These films are actually uncomfortable to watch and I LOVE THEM.
Thursday, March 09, 2006
Hellooooo ladies.
I'm grumpy and I'm missing you guys :(
Can you all come visit me becuase I need some TLC. Just a big hug.

Nothing new to report. Hickteeth..I got your postcard...it is the BEST! I was SO excited to get REAL mail. YAY! You like me...you really like me.

I wish I could be in Toronto when you are there and come hang out.

No idea when I will make it to Montreal. At the ABSOLUTE latest, it will be September. That just seems SO FAR AWAY!

OOTG...no cats until you come to visit..so HURRY UP! I need to keep this plase allergy-friendly for you.

What I wouldn't give to meet you guys for some Sushi Shop or B&M or even just St.Viateur on Monkland.

Yours truly,
Lonely Girl in San Fran
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
  Do you know somebody on The Patch?

There is now a side-effect-free way to enhance penis size- safely and effectively! Your man will see INCHES of growth in length and girth, as well as better stamina and stronger ejaculation.

Just slap a PENIS ENLARGE PATCH on his ass, change it every 3 days, and let the fun begin.

I received a junk email AT WORK... at work! You'd think there would be some kind of spam filter at a huge urban hospital...

Enjoy the site and feel FREE to comment (maybe now we will once again hear from MIA OOTG... she should reappear with the mention of PENIS).
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  Small Pox? Who cares! SALES!
Hey people,

I just went for a walk thinking to myself : gee I'd love a new pair of earrings, ya know, to jazz things up a bit...(yes, my life is that boring) So I walked into the good ol' Hudson's Bay Company, grabbed a pair of black socks that were on sale (2 prs for $5! Bargain!) and then over to the earring counter I went.

I found a lovely pair - very Hickteeth-esque - and they cost $16. I know this is not alot! But I just don't have lots of extra cash to be spending on frivolous things! But I thought a-la-women's-product commercial "I'm worth it!" so I took them and marched over to the check-out.

My total with tax came to $10.32 ! HA! they were on sale and only cost $4!!! Come to think of it there was another pair I should have bought too.

Have you ever seen that commercial where a women thinks she "got away" with paying too little and is running outside with her bags screaming "START THE CAR!!!" to her husband? Well that was me... running out of the store AFAP.

Turns out it was just a great sale.

So what if the Hudson's Bay company gave Small Pox infested blankets to the native people 300 years ago? Can't we just let bygones be bygones?
Friday, March 03, 2006
  We are so far behind
Listen up girls and boys,
I have made a new(ish) discovery in the land of messenging. Though I do not delve into such pleasures as much as I used to, still I learn a little every day. Last night I learned about Yahoo Messenger and let me tell you :

There is NO turning back!

Please, if you love yourself and those around you, do it now. Make the switch.

What can you get with Yahoo? Animated emoticons, Talking animated people! virtual environments! Talking animated people in DIFFERENT LANGUAGES.

I nearly peed my pants twice last night while looking through them all. Sign up and send me your YahooID. I cannot stress this enough. I just can't!

This message has been brought to you by your local Yahoo Messenger Representative... I mean Hickteeth.

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