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Friday, November 14, 2008
  I'm a maniac... maniac... with the posts....
Ok, had to share, my new favorite song:

Here are the lyrics

It's totally hilarious.

You guys have anything to share?

I've been enjoying watching Entourage, being alone (Cuddles is away a lot these days), doing yoga and being generally boring...

OK. Wow. That was hilarious. Lot's of priceless lines. There was only one that I question:

"My dick pink and big
Your dick stinks like shit"

Wouldn't a dick stinking like shit infer that he's getting some? And, up the ass no less!!! That sounds like a good thing to me. "Big and pink" is fine and pretty and all, but maybe that big and pink dick is having trouble finding a partner to satisfy him, while the shit-stinking one is getting it on good!!!

Just my observations.
I did NOT mean to put an apostrophe in "LOTS". Jeez! Sorry about that!!!
good point Ms.M. Way to really read those lyrics.

Cuddles really liked the song and asked me to play it a few times.

Then we spent some of the evening making up new lyrics.

Ahhh romance!
How did you even find that song?
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