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Monday, May 28, 2007
  The Ongoing Search for a TOE*
Recently I have been struck with the unusual desire to have a pet name for Cuddles (other than “Cuddles”, which I don’t use IRL**. I mean, it’s cute online, but can you imagine calling out OH CUDDLES! in the middle of a rollickin’ good time?).
It’s not like I have no TOEs for him, I do have many ironic names, like :
1- “Jampants” – created after I noticed the large red stain around his crotchual area caused by Jam dropped there THE DAY BEFORE. I don’t want to delve into this any further. Suffice-it to say it led to an “argument” and the very unsettling realization that I was the woman living with the man who not only wears the same pair of pants many days in a row, but wears the same pair of JAM ENSOAKED pants.
2- Skinbits – I know, totally revolting, but the man virtually SHEDS in the wintertime. When he’s not around I just gather up a few flakes and make a clone. It works well… unless I sneeze.
3- Something McSomething – doesn’t really matter what you fill in there, it’s almost always funny. Must give props to Tali for bringing this Scottish nicknaming into my world. It’s been years, and I am still Totally McLoving it.
4- Hisname-y-poo – i.e., the ol’ standby. I do like this one as it is syrupy cute, and truthfully, I use it all the time. Still, could be nice to have something more original. Or is this original simply because no one actually uses this kind of nickname In Public, which I do.

Am I wacko for thinking about this kind of thing? OOTG and The C have cute Portuguese-suffix nicknames, and their nieces were playing “her nickname” and “his nickname” the other day : they were pretending to be all lovey and using the nicknames, so the story goes. I just think that playing “my name” and “his name” (fill in names here) would sound equivalent to playing the thrilling game “let’s toast some bread”.

I am open for suggestions, or brainstorming sessions.

Thanks OFCy-poos!

*term of endearment
** In Real Life
We call our cat "Professor Fuzzybottom" - you are welcome to borrow that one any time!

Stud Muffin is an old stand by.

I really like "Jampants" -- i mean the name, not actually having Jam on my pants! I think you should go with that one.
How about....Sexy McLoveSlave? Hotty McBoyfriend? Oooor..Shmoopie (a la Jerry Seinfeld)? Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love (or HHBL for hort? Or Hunka?)

Ummmm....what else?

Dirty McPantStain?

Poookie? Honey? Babydoll? Snookums? "name"-o-rama? "name"-a-lama-ding-dong?

How am I doing?
AHAH!! Tali, I remember when you used you call your little sister shmoopie!! HAHAh. Therefore NOT appropriate for Jampants.

I, too, like Jampants (and you will recall me laughing hysteracally at the story when originally told to me.) I'm sure we can find something sexy about making toast...

ps: it's weird having your neices play a lovey-dovey game using your names. cute and funny, ummm, but a bit weird.
well well, after Ms Ms got sad that I did not comment on HER blog - look who the only one NOT to comment is, eh Slowhand McKeepToMyself?

hahah! I actually like Jampants too and have used it since. He giggles at it.

And no, Tali I cannot use Shmoopy as I do remember you calling your sister that too. Siblings and lovers don't mix, that's the rule.
oh I'm SORREH!! Look, I've got things to do Ms. Neglect O'Lot!

I like Skinbits (though I almost barfed a little) and I like Jampants! See? You came up with the best ones all on your own!

I say take those oldies but goodies further like Jampants McSkinbits, or Skinbitsy-poo, or how bout JamBits or Sir Jamsalot or something...

I say stick with what you know, just make it better.
JamBits! hahhahha

Hey! I also have things to do, books to sstudy and blogs NOT to comment on.

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