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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  A Seriously Shizzite Situation : follow along if you can
Well ladies, here is my current situation. Y'all know where I work, so I don't have to publish it on this here public forum, now do I? I thought not. Let's just call it: Work A.

In December, I got a call from Work B (yes B) about a potential new position for me. It was one short interview and I was told that nothing would happen until the new year and so I sat tight. Tight as a bug in a rug who wasn't snug, but was tight.
Well, I got a call recently from Work B and started a few negotiations, but the interesting thing about Work B is that they couldn't tell me what the job was, exactly, and they talked about their client in a secretive manner, "Client X" (confusing enough for you?)

Meanwhile, back at Work A, we found out that our Client (Client Z) was calling for new proposals since our contract was up. There was no guarantee that Work A would continue, if Client Z hired a new company,

Is anyone putting 2 and 2 together? Cuz I didn't until my MOTHER pointed it out (thanks mom).

Well, today I found out that Work A lost the contract and that Client Z hired Work B to do it. And Work B has since told me that no one from Work A (except ME) will be hired by Work B. Also, no one at Work A knows yet, except ME.

Needless to say I feel like crap today, lucky on the one hand, and pretty awful on the other, since I know that all these good people will be out of work pretty soon.

It's like I'm crossing the picket line or something. Though I know I'm not.

The even crappier part is that the bosses at Work A have not told anyone anything and have known for about 3 weeks already.

I am meeting with Work B tomorrow evening to discuss my working with them, but I pretty much have no leverage anymore since without Work B, I have no job. Still, at least I might have a job at all... and should be thankful. Right? right?

(if you can got through this post and understood it, 12 gold stars!!!)
I get it and WOW... what a series of events. Well told, well told, well... as good as it could be. I would feel some guilt too but, hey, them's the breaks, that is life, love it or hate it. When it comes to career you have to just look out for yourself, I have discovered. You are a lucky girl and there is a REASON they have chosen to bring you to their side. It ain't just your pretty face, girl! You are gonna rock that Work B and I say-- congrats in being a superstar and getting noticed for your hard work. It will be hard when work A dissolves, but you've just got to go with the flow, I guess...

BTW, I have a vegas disc for you.
ms ms is so wise. It's true, there is a reason they have hired you. And you should not sell yourself short for that.

That is still so bizarre that you thought you had another job yet it turns out to be the same job just with different people. I can't really understand that through A's and B's and Z's one day you will have to explain it to me for real.

Do you still get Friday afternoons off?!

Can you hire some of the folk who will get fired? Would you choose to hire any of them? How can everything run all the same with all new people? They are going to have to take SOME along?! They can't fire everyone. Or can they?

Okay, I guess I thought I understood the post, but i really understand nothing.

now i'm more confused.
the answer to everything is : I don't know!

I am going to ask for Fridays off, but in the short term, I don't know if I can get it. In the longer term, I think I might be able to manage it. Maybe by the summer if they agree.

I have to send them an idea of what I want - and soon and then I'll fill y'all in.

It's a little confusing and a bit scary (I'm not so keen on major changes, though they always push life forward in a good way inthe end).
HAH!! Tell me about it... i'm going through the same... except I want to work full-time and am accepting a part time job but them's the breaks, eh? You can't predict everything in life and things seem to sometimes happen for a reason...

so.... good luck to you! can't wait to hear about it!
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