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Sunday, November 26, 2006
  To post the video here?

The preview of the Vegas video is online. I'm not in this portion of it. (apparently I was behind the camera much more than in front) Would you like me to post it on the BLOG for the world to see (Although, I don't think the world is necessarily reading this BLOG... but you never know - it will compromise our annonymity) Or should I just send you the links to view it individually. Let me know. It's darn funny.
i say post. it's so "out there" that i doubt that anyone would even recognize us without actually knowing it's us. (ok they might recognize ms. ms's ass.)
but, yeah, its fucking funny! i soo can't wait for the rest!
hey I have nothing to hide. I look like a robotic stick in the mud in this portion. Which I am anyway.. so go for it!
robotic stick in the mud!!! HAHAHAAH!!!
Well, hickteeth, someone had to play the straight man (aka robotic stick in the arm) to the crazy antics. I would have done it but I was behind the camera! That's what makes it even funnier. Like the dancing at the bar. You think we are at a night club - everyone's dancing then, pullback, it's daylight, Jen is ordering a drink and no body is dancing. hahahah. That shit is funny.
OMG.... i cannot wait to see this video! I love the pic. Way to sway our respective asses!!
well, I don't liek playing the straight man. I like being the wacky-fun man but apparently that role was already bring played by OOTG and Ms Ms.


I can't figure out what I'm even doing in the first scene - asking OOTG for a piece of gum?
And in the others I'm all "you guys are MORONS" but it's just not how I feel inside...
OM fucking G!! I watched it with a toothbrush in my mouth and spattered toothpaste foam everywhere while SPoke watched me with horror ( i wouldn't let him watch the first time around).

I love it! He loves it!

You may be shocked by how many time the video has been viewed but-- IT'S ALL ME. I watched it over and over and over again!!!

I freaking love this video.... the whole trip was worth it for this one little clip. Way to go, Shenanigan and THANK YOU!!! This totally rocks!

OK i'm blabbing. But I'm amazed. Just amazed.

Did you notice that I'm in EVERY segment? Talk about camera happy!
yah i noticed you were in every segment! I noticed that I was not in any (okay 1) I did NOT notice that jen wasn't funny or that ootg's boobs danced more than ms ms!!! But now that they have pointed it out I will be sure to go back and check. Perhaps I will have to rethink the final version and have a segment dedicated to Jen being a stick in the mud and a segment to the jiggling!
i am so happy to have you all in my life!
Yes, I did notice that Ms Ms was in every segment and I must admit - I'm not surprised. you ARE camera happy Ms Ms - this is not news to us.

Is it news to you?

and I'm too shy to comment on your blog Ms Ms, but holy crap am I a boring lover, I best pack some toys for Cuddles... and hope he never talks to you and Spoke about your love life.
Bwahaha! just thinking about the video is making me laugh out loud. wish i could watch it again right now!!

Hickteeth, I am sure there are plenty of things you and Cuddles do together that Spoke and I don't do. I don't think we are particularly adventurous... but we were lucky enough to have 7 days of nothingness to play with. And... I did buy a few little treats to surprize him with, and he surprized me with the handcuffs!!!

...also, we have been together for 4 months.... we're still in "that" stage...

When you come to Toronto, we should go to "come as you are" ... a totally non-threatening sex toy shop and you can get Cuddles a little Loot Bag!!!

And also, Friends, I am so sorry you had to be subjected to my online sexual play-by-play. I wish I could have told you in person!
well... didn't you say there was a video....
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
no.... just some still pictures. AND i am not letting anyone see those... some of them are disturbing, even to me!!!
ew --- mental image.
seeing as i cant post on ms ms's other blog, i will write what i have to say here.
Ms Ms, you are a sexaholic. The sextravaganza you explored is purely sexeriffic. I wish you many years of sexploration with this man, and the sexucation you will provide for us after each sexecution.
You are also so right... come as you are is the BEST shop in all the land. For my birthday I request the cock ring thing. (For my cock, of course.)
Glad that you are still in "that" stage. May it last forever!
Thanks for the B-day gift idea!!! U make it too easy for me


that comment is gonna go on the other blog!
I want to see it :(

I feel so out of the loop.
She surfaces!!!
If nobody has fwded the link to you yet,
go here

Ms Ms's blog was full of mental images. If ever you DIDN'T want to visualise your friend having sex - TOO LATE. Esp with descriptions and all - well, fortunately Ms Ms is a sexy beast, otherwise I would have already barfed all over myself from smellling the barf that was all over myself.

Oh crap, I barfed anyway, just writing that last sentence about smelling barf....
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