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Monday, June 18, 2007
  Same Same, but Different
Someone at work told me that when she was living in Viet Nam, this was the famous phrase that everyone used to make you think you were buying what you were asking for.
i.e., you: I'd like some red pants
vendor : same same, but different (as he held up blue pants)
so it was almost what you wanted...

Anyway this sentence came to mind as I thought about bringing you the story of how I had to run out at lunch to buy new underwear... are you all remembering the "same same, but different" story I am referring to?

the only difference is, I didn't forget to wear underwear, I wore GREEN underwear under a light WHITE skirt. Therefore boradcasting to the office the colour and shape of the panties (and by virtue of them, the size and shape of my ass as well).

I went to Shraeder's and bought some Jockey underwear - three pairs - as the guy gave me a deal. Well, I should have figured he was giving me a deal for a reason, I HATE them. They are really thin and shabby and the elastics are too tight such that I now have 4 ass cheeks, not 2.

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