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Sunday, April 15, 2007
  First Round Robin Ever
OK girls... most of the first Round Robin letter ever was actually not that funny. It was probably not that funny because I was the one who started Round Robin, and I am the least funny of us girls. Anyway, without further ado, I will give you the first edition of Round Robin, in excerpts, which was written on February 15, back in 1994. Holy crap, are we old?!

It is the day after Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day, by the way, is a crock o'shit. People should express their love for each other every day. They should also eat chocolate hearts and wear sexy red lace lingerie every day too! (just kidding). But seriously. Our school had a Valentine exchange where you pay $1 for someone to be delivered a carnation in class (Rod got one, but he wasn't in school to receive it-- I wonder who sent him one- it sure wasn't me!). So, all day, girls were parading around school with 2 or 3 carnations. Muriel is so funny- she goes: "it's as though the more carnations they get, the more their boyfriend loves them. Come on- they're just carnations! They're not ROSES!". It was funny. I guess you just had to be there".

Well, that wasn't quite funny, now was it? Let's try another excerpt.

"Have you ever watched the "
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego show"? ... In the final round, the kids write on a card where in the states they want to go, if they win. Rod wants to go on the show, and draw a big penis on the card. When he wins, he holds it up for everyone! Just imagine it! I find that so funny! Rod sure is a funny guy. I want to know who that Valentine is from."

OK so we see I was totally obsessed with my ex-boyfriend back in February of 2004. It's time for another excerpt to see just how fascinating I was back in the winter of '04, at the tender age of 18.

"My dream come true! My Dad bought a mini tape recorder. Now I can tape Roop Jain to play for you. Hurrah! Isn't it? Yesterday, he was talking about the ionization energy of Beryllium. He was saying how hard it is to remove an electron. Here's how he described it: "Beryllium has constipation"! Everybody in class cracked up."

Nothing like a little Roop Jain to FINALLY get the laughter flowing, even in a crappy blog post. And for the last excerpt from Round Robin, #1, I bring to you a blast from our pasts...

"Oh one more thing. This is what JF said to me when I was going to lend him ID for his girlfriend. "Lend me your ID so I can get laid tonight". His plan was to get her really drunk... not like he wouldn't have gotten it ANYWAY."

Oh, the people in our lives who have come and gone... I am not sure who I miss the most. I am most greatful to you girls who, for years, tolerated my un-funny Round Robin letters. Yes, this is the best I could come up with for your entertainment today. Over 'n' out.

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