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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  better luck next time
having been away for 5 days, i am panicing at the pile of work that is on my desk, and the number of calls that need to be returned. i really should be tending to that, but blogging is just way more fun.
the trip to the t of oronto was good, ladies, but i missed you all (all 3 of yous who formerly lived there and the one that currently does, but was on her own vacation! my luck!) just to let you know, nothing has changed. there's still too much traffic, and the pad thai at the queen mother is still delish. and my friends that i stayed with that have a baby? well it really makes me want to have one of my own. especially one you can bundle in a puffy pink snowsuit and pink baby uggs, oh man, you can die with cuteness.
but i digress... what i really wanted to tell you about was my comical reunion with the c. i was excited to see him, as i am every day when he comes home from work, but last night, well, it had been 5 days and 4 lonely nights without my c! i totally was ready to get it on! of course, so was he. (he always is, please refer to hick's post "the score" for other instances.) we were also hungry. so we made a plan: we would order dinner, and while we waited for the delivery we would take care of business. sparing you the details, i will relate this: no sooner was the phone hung up, we were rolling around happily (on my bed! i heart my bed! there is nothing like my bed!) (i believe i posted about that once also...)
the reunion was going swimingly! oh what snuggly fun! when... the phone rings. i made the c answer it thinking it way be the restaurant. it wasn't. it was a client, and instead of politely and quickly telling the client to call back later, the c passed me the phone. many minutes later, i was back with the c, but unfortunately the man needed a little fluffing. (refer to ms ms's post on that subject.) at last we were back in the saddle again. phew, that was a close one. interuptions of the cliental sort are not so good for the "mood", iykwim! so there we were, rocking and rolling, when from outside i hear: slam, crunch, crunch, crunch, ding dong! (apparently the call had cut a significant chunk out of the "between the order and delivery" time!)
there was a mad dash on the part of the c to pull on some flannel bottoms and a t-shirt! ding dong, the door went again, as the c sped out of the room and down the stairs, all the while worrying that certain things were, um, "protruding". he needn't have worried about such techincalities, as when i joined him downstairs i saw my loveable husband standing there with his shirt on backwards and his pants backwards and insideout! (the label of the pants concealing the lifting action there beneath...)
this morning it was commented: "well tonight i hope we have better luck..."
Thursday, January 26, 2006
  Plummy Prunes
Well, OOTG asked me to create this blog, so here it is.

I bought a bag of prunes the other day, thinking how healthy and full of wonder they are.
"are they plums?" I asked OOTG.
"no, they're prunes" she answered
"I mean before they're prunes" I wondered
"Umm, I thought they were just prunes from beginning to end." OOTG said, beginning to wonder if she was correct.

the answer is YES - they were once plums. All prunes were once juicy round plums, which were shrivelled and somehow converted to fibre-packed prunes.

Also thought I would mention that I had both prunes AND coffee this morning.

For details on what the rest of my afternoon might entail, please refer to my old blog entry entitled "The Process"

thank you.
Muck like hickteeth and her lack of boob-protector a few months ago, this morning, much to my dismay, and soon, the dismay and displeasure of others, I have forgotten a vital element of my morning routine too.

.... what I forgot is.... DEODORANT.

Woe is me. A curse on all of us! A scent to behold! An unpleasantness in the making.
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  hey tali
what about that entry you promised us?
eh? hm?
Monday, January 23, 2006
  The score
I have no excuse for the lack of blentries from my end, except to say that I can't think of any!
Defintely a lack of both trying and interesting things that have happened to me, but here's a little tid-bit:

After a nice snackner (snack-dinner) at OOTG's place, her hubby, the C decides that he will go downstairs and chillax on the couch in front of his TV. I say my goodbyes - I'm on my way out - and he says :

"Bye Hick. Oh and OOTG, if you feel like sucking cock, you know where I'll be."


Directness : 1 point
Hilarity : 3 points
Mental image : -2 points
Total 2 points!

Final Score :
The C : 2 points
Our Five Cents : 0
Friday, January 20, 2006
  I'm An Accomplice to Hookey
I spent the day in the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, giving sound advice to my young friends and their parents.

M is a girl I have been counseling since April. She is 17 years old and has been losing weight consistently every month, despite a total lack of effort or lifestyle change! Every month she comes, without parents, for a follow-up appointment and stares blankly as I ask what changes she has made.

"What are you doing for physical activity?" "Walking 10 minutes to school"
"Are you eating any vegetables?" "I'm not really a fruit or vegetable person"
She's done nothing- NOTHING- and has lost 11 lbs in 8 months.

The unfortunate thing is, I fear she comes from a home of neglect and poverty. On a few occasions, I have asked her whether there is enough food in the house but have never gotten a response that would point me in a direction to seek help for M. Also, I suspect she is of borderline intelligence. Also, she smells.

Enough of that though! Today, she lost another kg and I suggested we wait 3 months before her next visit (She's doing well, weight-wise, and not listening to a word I say, so why continue to see her monthly?). A look of shock crossed her face: "3 months?". I asked if she felt more motivated by coming in every month. M said: "No, but 3 months is a long time not to leave school early". Ms Ms said: "M, is the reason you keep coming to the clinic because you get to leave school?". And M replied: "Uh, YEAH!!!"

The mystery as to why a totally clueless and aloof teen faithfully attends all her appointments while being totally non-commital to any lifestyle change: SOLVED.
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
  oy vey
i am so bored!
yes. there is work a-plenty, but bah! the weather!
i am feeling lazier than lazy.
checking my email! reading blogs galore! sudoku-ing sudoku! even resorting to writing a blog entry!
indeed the world has come to this!
anything but work!
bored, bored, bored.
i think i will go make some cookies.
Thursday, January 12, 2006
  A Good Date!
Hey Girls... just a quickie to say that I went on a good date! It has been so long... but nice to be sitting across from someone who I barely know, but find attractive and have a million things to talk about and lots of laughs and no dull moments. Someone I actually wanted to jump in the car saying goodbye, but didn't.

Knowing my luck, he will never call again but it was nice! I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear like a girl-school girl (sans kilt) this morning on my walk from the subway. Stupid, I know. I have terrible judgement with men so should probably write it off as a one-time-deal, but it was nice! (he seemed keen though...)

Yes yes, of course the full story will follow elsewhere, but wanted to share with friends first.

GRin, grin, grin, grin .... (Knock it off you freak!!!)
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  so much blog so little time
darling people, it has been so long, and i am terribly delinquent. please forgive such behaviour. you are my friends, i know you have it in you.
alas a few notes:
1. ms, quality time with mom is far superior to quantity time with shafts. (or: a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.)
2. talirama- congrats on the new abode. friends will come a flocking, mon amie, have no fear. and we will make fires and roast marshmellows and create s'mores a-plenty.
3. hick, hope you had fun hicking. was the hicking with miss k? did she enjoy it too? will you ever live this one down?
4. miss k, hicky was with you in the l of a, and stiil, you could not find time to read and write? i am at a loss, a terrible loss.
5. work beckons. yes! work! and lots of it! work pouring in from all holes in the dam. damn, i have to work.
over and out.
  I have a place to live.
Hey ladies...

Just wanted to drop you all an email to say hello and let you know I finally have an apartment. I am signing the lease tomorrow and I couldn't be happier. I have a place to live and a place for you to all stay when you come to visit. I think you will love it. I have a BEAUTIFUL view of San Francisco - the bay..mountains....it takes my breath away. And I have a wood burning fireplace. How crazy is that?

I can't believe I'm actually living here now. Feels much more like it now that I actually have a place to call my own.

It was great seeing you over the holidays (Sorry we couldn't meet up Ms.Ms...send me that mailing address will ya) and I miss you guys already.

Come visit as soon as you can. I neeeeeeed friends here.

Ro is coming to visit on Thursday. I can't belive it! I'm sure I'll have lots of stories for you all.

How is Montreal? Toronto? Tell me tell me!
Monday, January 09, 2006
Yo rest of the Our Five Cents clan... I'm over here in the sunshine with Miss Kay you suckas!
Today we played beach volleyball and did yoga outside.
Last night we played playstation karaoke into the wee hours of the morn (is 9PM the wee hours?)
Tomorrow : tennis and hicking!
Friday, January 06, 2006
  An Occasion of Massive Proportions
Eek! I feel the girlish glee bubbling up inside me, ready to spill over the brim, spew and fester and consume my being.... it is the excitement only a large penis greater or equal to the 95th percentile of all the penises in the world (sorry that is pediatric growth chart speak, but it works).

You'll never guess what happened... no, I did not have sex with it.

But... the proud bearer of said penis (aka: The Hulking Shaft of Enormity). Called me tonight after a 1 month hiatus. Only, I didn't think it was a hiatus, I just thought neither of us could care less to see the other again.

So... a call. A booty call? I hope so, cause I sure do need one.

But if so, it was to no avail. I got the Mrs. Ms. Ms (aka: my mother) couch surfing here all weekend. I couldn't even find out what his Royal Massiveness wanted. What a cruel, cruel world.
Thursday, January 05, 2006
  tiny tidbits of tushy treasure
To continue with the theme of inserting things between one's cheeks...
I made another emergentcy run to the lingerie store (please see blog entitled "tying up some loose ends") and went on a thongavaganza.
There was a major sale on and digging through bins (bins of underwear!) reminded me of my Wallue Willage (as we called it) days, only I was digging for as little material as I could find. The stringiest, smallest, lease offensive threads that will hopefully go unnoticed by my over-sensitive crack. Too much material makes for a sad bum.

Why the sudden rush you may ask?
I need these little morsels of elastic for my trip to LA - lookout Ms.Kay! Here comes Hicky!

Also : now that I am packin' panties, I wonder : is it very wrong to wear before washing? I'm leaving tomorrow! How clean are the factories? Do delivery men suck on the bum bits dreaming of assilingus?
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
  Salads: Not Just an Appetizer
Girls, I have found it. Everything we want to know, and more.
Wouldn't you enjoy a nice, healthy salad today?

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