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Thursday, August 16, 2007
  All Hail The King of Subtlety
Perhaps you all miss my "overheard at the Cuddles' Hick household" posts, so here's another (possibly future plans giveaway?) addition.

Cuddles (removing his engineer pinky ring) : Hey, do you think this would fit on your thumb?
Hick (taking ring) : uh, no probably not. (Tries it on) It fits on my third finger...

Hick is now brushing her teeth, getting ready for bed.

Cuddles, from bedroom : Hey! Is this your jewellry case?
Hick : muphbrrr bllll muuurm (foam coming out of mouth)
Cuddles : can I look in it?
Hick : uhhh - hunnn
Cuddles, opening case : Wow! look at all these rings*!
Hick, now in bedroom too : yeah, I don't wear any of them. giggle.
Cuddles : what's funny?
Hick : nothing.
Cuddles: this one looks big, does it fit you?
Hick : yeah, it goes on my middle finger.

We continue talking about the rings for a few minutes, then climb into bed. We talk about what-not. Finally...

Hick : Were you trying to find out my ring size?
Cuddles : laughing... yeah...
HIck : Boy, you're the king of subtlely.

Anyway, we talked about it a little more. Me, once again (this must be time #438) telling him that I don't wear rings, or much of any jewellry, and that I don't need a ring.

If he ever actually bites the bullet and pops the question - please all of you act surprised, ok? And don't search my hand for a ring, cuz there probably won't be one!

*my high school graduation ring, a ring I made at camp when I was 12, an adjustable ring from my childhood.
what exactly is your third finger? Is that third from the right or third from the left? Or do you have an extra finger? No wonder the boy is confused!

Thumb, pointer or index, middle, ring and pinky. That's what I have on my hand.

aaaaahhhhhhh!! this conversation is so exciting!!

I learned an important lesson: most men find this ring thing important. Important enough to go against your personal beliefs and feelings. (trust me, i know!) So, I think he will find a sneaky way (maybe sneakier than the way he tried to find out your size) of getting you a ring. What I did in this situation was: first of all, I bit the bullet that it's important to him and gave in... then, found out my size and figured out what I'd want to wear, because nothing was not an option.

But another important thing I learned is, even though it makes hitting on other men difficult, the ring is kind of nice. A constant reminder.... sigh....

Tell us more!
I haven't hit on another man since... well... possibly ever come to think of it! I just don't know how to do that....! hahaha

The convo was exciting, in a way, but really we've been talking about this for so long that it just seems like : can this just happen already? I mean, technically, it already has as far as I'm concerned, and we're just going through the formalities.

Still, I'll make sure it's fun for both of us. I promise not to burst his bubble...
you know what... i can't remember the last time i hit on another guy. Sheeesh! I guess this committment thing erases all memory of past frolickings.... well, not all memory!
Hilarious! My very dear friend got her ring frame without a diamond from her unbelievably obvious hubby. Check out some of the stories on http://www.jennycurl.com speaking of unbelievable!
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