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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Can I get any bigger? Really? Is it possible?

I have to say ladies - I'm starting to wonder why it is that we have evolved passed fins, being four-legged, and lack of language abilities - but we still haven't managed to figure out how to get these kids grown and out easier?

Isn't there a way to just beam him out? or grow him like a seed in a potting plant?

Can you tell I'm reaching the grumpy stages of le pregnancy??

Friday, November 14, 2008
  I'm a maniac... maniac... with the posts....
Ok, had to share, my new favorite song:

Here are the lyrics

It's totally hilarious.

You guys have anything to share?

I've been enjoying watching Entourage, being alone (Cuddles is away a lot these days), doing yoga and being generally boring...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
  You'll wonder how you ever lived without these...
Ladies, these websites came into my life at just the right moment. I mean, with the work problems happening, and life just not living up to its potential... well, what says SNAFU better than...

Wah wah wahhhhhh

...and for those one-liners about going on EI, there's nothing like a little back up...

Ba boom Ching!

hours, and I mean HOURS of fun await.
Thursday, October 30, 2008
  Your Crotch???
Really? Is that what we girls deserve after a year of absence and longing? Your crotch? Couldn't you do any better than that?

... Oh, I think 2 birds just flew into my window outside. 2 birds, dying at the sight of YOUR CROTCH.
  Here I go again...
Should I do it?

Dare I take on this mountain of a challenge and update this decrepit, crochety old, crumbling blog?

As I type dust is blowing off the screen, stinging my eyes, but not dampening my spirit.

Is it possible to resurrect a page that has been OOC for over a YEAR my lady friends, over a year... Which rhymes with tear.... the weight of which weighs on my cheek like a bird shot out of the sky on a cold autumn night. Gone before its prime, it lies dead on the ground, surrounded by other dead bird blogs, beautiful and ripe with both potential and the stench of a thing in the fridge long forgotten.... But I digress...

Well ladies, don’t ask me why (because I’m bored) and don’t think I’m passing judgment (on all you lazy ass mofos), but here I am, updating the blog.

Only, I have nothing to update it with. Except that I am missing this part of my life, wherein I can write whatever I choose and publish it here, in a forum of friends.

OK, in order to save this post from being a total wash, I will include this shot of my crotch, taken during one dark night of heavy drinking (3 drinks is all I need to start acting like a douchebag) and karaoke* (I’m pretty sure I “rocked the mic like a vandal” in the words of Vanilla Ice). It's not even a "nice" shot of my legs, nor is it particularly "attractive", but I add it for your pleasure, but hopefully not other people's pleasure. So feel blessed y'all, feel blessed.

*Song list included: Bootylicious, Quit Playin’ Games With my Heart (yes, the BSB), and a sincere and heartfelt rendition of “Faith”.

So... before this river becomes an ocean ladies, before you throw my heart back on the floor... please. Post.

That's my 5 cents.

Friday, January 25, 2008
Ladies..I done tagged y'all! :)
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
So, now that you all know that Cuddles actually popped the ol' question... I bet you want to know what ring he chose.

Well, here it is, the ring that made me think, "YES! I am definitely and positively in love with you"

Warning : do not stare directly into the eyes, I think bad things might happen.

Sorry for the crappy pic, it's from the "photo booth" option on the Mac, which is fun, but sucky. The flash makes the ring look a little scarier than it is, and please note the rhinestone (courtesy OOTG apparently) that is double-sided taped to its tongue. HEART.

Thursday, August 16, 2007
  All Hail The King of Subtlety
Perhaps you all miss my "overheard at the Cuddles' Hick household" posts, so here's another (possibly future plans giveaway?) addition.

Cuddles (removing his engineer pinky ring) : Hey, do you think this would fit on your thumb?
Hick (taking ring) : uh, no probably not. (Tries it on) It fits on my third finger...

Hick is now brushing her teeth, getting ready for bed.

Cuddles, from bedroom : Hey! Is this your jewellry case?
Hick : muphbrrr bllll muuurm (foam coming out of mouth)
Cuddles : can I look in it?
Hick : uhhh - hunnn
Cuddles, opening case : Wow! look at all these rings*!
Hick, now in bedroom too : yeah, I don't wear any of them. giggle.
Cuddles : what's funny?
Hick : nothing.
Cuddles: this one looks big, does it fit you?
Hick : yeah, it goes on my middle finger.

We continue talking about the rings for a few minutes, then climb into bed. We talk about what-not. Finally...

Hick : Were you trying to find out my ring size?
Cuddles : laughing... yeah...
HIck : Boy, you're the king of subtlely.

Anyway, we talked about it a little more. Me, once again (this must be time #438) telling him that I don't wear rings, or much of any jewellry, and that I don't need a ring.

If he ever actually bites the bullet and pops the question - please all of you act surprised, ok? And don't search my hand for a ring, cuz there probably won't be one!

*my high school graduation ring, a ring I made at camp when I was 12, an adjustable ring from my childhood.

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Here I go again...
Ladies..I done tagged y'all! :)
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