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Thursday, October 30, 2008
  Here I go again...
Should I do it?

Dare I take on this mountain of a challenge and update this decrepit, crochety old, crumbling blog?

As I type dust is blowing off the screen, stinging my eyes, but not dampening my spirit.

Is it possible to resurrect a page that has been OOC for over a YEAR my lady friends, over a year... Which rhymes with tear.... the weight of which weighs on my cheek like a bird shot out of the sky on a cold autumn night. Gone before its prime, it lies dead on the ground, surrounded by other dead bird blogs, beautiful and ripe with both potential and the stench of a thing in the fridge long forgotten.... But I digress...

Well ladies, don’t ask me why (because I’m bored) and don’t think I’m passing judgment (on all you lazy ass mofos), but here I am, updating the blog.

Only, I have nothing to update it with. Except that I am missing this part of my life, wherein I can write whatever I choose and publish it here, in a forum of friends.

OK, in order to save this post from being a total wash, I will include this shot of my crotch, taken during one dark night of heavy drinking (3 drinks is all I need to start acting like a douchebag) and karaoke* (I’m pretty sure I “rocked the mic like a vandal” in the words of Vanilla Ice). It's not even a "nice" shot of my legs, nor is it particularly "attractive", but I add it for your pleasure, but hopefully not other people's pleasure. So feel blessed y'all, feel blessed.

*Song list included: Bootylicious, Quit Playin’ Games With my Heart (yes, the BSB), and a sincere and heartfelt rendition of “Faith”.

So... before this river becomes an ocean ladies, before you throw my heart back on the floor... please. Post.

That's my 5 cents.

That is HAWT!

Did i tell you that when I was in Japan I karaoked "The Thong Song".

Now that is impressive.
Shit, maybe I'll be able to post when I stop laughing at the image of "dead bird blogs lying on the ground". Where the fuck did you come up with that?

I happen not to mind the pic. I like the bit of boot peaking out the corner.
do you like the bit of thigh fat blatantly in the middle of the picture?
HAHA, mayeb I DO? Would there be something "wrong" with that?
Also, if it were a pic of my though the fat would take over the entire frame, there would be no room for cute bit of boot, that is for darn tootin'.
BTW, I AM in fact wearing a skirt, though it does look like I'm in only white tights. It appears the couch has eaten my skirt...
oh you are wearing tights? That makes sense now why your legs look paler than normal (but not so much that it even crossed my mind that you were wearing tights)

This was a fun place to escape to. Now with facebook (and husbands?) it got pushed aside. I still can't figure out how to sign in
oops, i signed in with the wrong name. can't figure out how to get in to the account that was attached to this blog. so annoying!
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