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Sunday, February 26, 2006
  Our Girl

What's not to miss about this girl? I wish I could see her every day... but until then, hopefully her tongue, aiming directly for her own cleavage, will tide me over.
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
  Another OOTG?
Looks like I'm the bloggiest blogger in town these days!

So, I had a consult with a pregnant 25 year old who is on bedrest for preterm labour. As I talked (and kidded around a little) with her, I felt at ease, comfortable, had a sense of familiarity. I was also really enjoying myself. ...or should I say "enjuiing"?

It then struck me that her voice, manners, and "way" were very OOTG-esque. She even looked a little like OOTG! The warm, genuine smile, her cheekbones and eye-crinkles. The 30 weeks pregnant thing was nothing like OOTG, but maybe one day. You can understand that finding a kindred spirit to one as unique as OOTG does not happen every day!!

She laughed heartily and cracked jokes and confessed to drinking 2 L of Diet Pepsi per day.

So, OOTG, it seems you have a bit of a soulmate up in the Family Birthing Centre. I am looking forward to visiting you... I mean, her again tomorrow.
Sunday, February 19, 2006
  "The Process" in Engrish
I have translated Hickteeth's Post of Pride to ENGRISH for your pleasure, and other people's pleasure. ENJUIE!!

Frequently do the people ask in me, your process which is what of Hickteeth?
I concerning that start by singing the song which is small, that usually something, or something which is that way "dum da dum dum seems like the thing which goes", it goes.
I of those which the girl that strange methodological of work has attached to the body made the pleasure after and, I walk two flight stairways.
If and, I stop and the door being soon... hear... is I there, you must wait, perhaps someone. So, when is not, I do, relay continuation choose the door, enter, sit down, wait and.
I sit down very calmly, very gently and for the second time...... with anyone of the entryway which is hears? With anyone of methods is there a door? Anyone who is thought concerning coming is there a door?
If answering no, I directly me those which have necessity easy. As for this there is no process which central for faint can be rushed very, it is, (or faint is trivial). And, fast step and, I go away under two flights to the back section my desk, shake.
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
It shouldn't be up to Hickteeth alone to support this blog, and now that I have unwinded from vacation, I suppose I could play a part in keeping this thing up and running... there must be SOMETHING I can tell y'all...

Let's find out...

So.... I made out with someone 10 years younger than me - AGAIN. At least he wasn't a teenager this time. 20 somethings are just so, so, so damn CUTE.

My brother still sees his Ex, aka: "Bad News D". He say's "it's complicated". WHAT?

Work is not as terrifying this week as it has been for the last 3 months. Oh, right, Miss Sneaky Manipulator Bitch is off at a conference. I have a colleague from hell and I don't mean that lightly. You have no idea.

My heating was fixed to the tune of one paycheck. And guess what? It still won't go above 20 degrees.

The newspaper was delivered every single day of my vacation-- though I put it on hold.

Steven wants to buy real estate in Panama. Unfortunately, he wants to turn it's natural, lovely, non-touristy easygoing atmosphere to a Club Med type deal.

After this weekend, I will be a Beauticontrol Spa Sales Associate. Anyone want to host a spa at their house? Interested in high-quality products? I am your source.

Read my blog for anything a little steamier. Advice is welcome.

Miss you girls!!!
Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Me again?
I'm the bloggiest blogger in blog-town I tell ya.
Blogging again - it's me...

So I got on the 124,363 bus today (it came!) and on my way to work, 2 things happened.

a) I felt a little "loose" and "airy" again - pls see blog entiteld : Tying up some Loose ends... but lo and behold - I did not forget the bra - it merely Came Undone and was flapping around above my chest area in the most annoying way.
Flashback to that morning when I thought : should I put this on the tighest clasp? Nah, I'm not wearing a tight shirt, I can leave it looser and more comfy... BAD IDEA.

b) I barfed all over myself watching The Newlyweds kiss the whole way to work. He was sitting down, She was standing next to him and for about 5 km, she would lean over every 5 seconds and kiss him - but like 3 successive loud kisses - SMACKSMACKSMACK. me : BARFBARFBARF.

Monday, February 06, 2006
  who doesn't feel like working?
ME! I don't!

So instead, I will a) complain and b) give a Jen's fridge update.

a) the complaint.
Every day I wait for that fateful bus, yes, it's the #24. The same numeric digits as that show that stars another Bauer as well as the reference to the day's clock. I wish I could re-name this bus 15 or perhaps 20, which is the number of minutes I wait for it in the cold on the way to and from work. Or perhaps I should rename it the 124,363 bus - which is the number of times it "didn't come". Yes, the 24 has a mind of its own, choosing at ramdon when it will and wil not arrive to haul its passengers safely and soundly and warmly to their homes.
Perhaps it shold be renamed the #"5-card-draw" bus which is probably what the bus drivers are playing as we, the waiters freeze our malnourished (see part "b") patoots outside.
After discussing said dilemma with OOTG, she advised me to "Do something about it!". Well, here I am posting about it - and since this is an open-forum that anyone can read, I think I will slip the blog name onto the back of my bus ticket the next time I get on and let the driver KNOW how I feel. So there.

b) To fight the possibly induced by bad-eating-habits 24-waiting chills, I have been reading all about food. Food by blood type, food by metabolic type. Food by "hicky is driving us all crazy with the food talk" type. Turns out, Tim Hortons mocha and cream cheese bagel may not be the "best" choice of breakfast for me.
So, a few changes have been made. If you open my box of freshness we like to call the "fridge" you will find no delicacies, no "fun" food or any kind. But you can amuse yourselves with the array of strange and wondrous products such as :
1. Cod Liver Oil - yes, I have succummed. I am taking the ol' CLO that our forefathers once took, in disgust, every morning. (How DO they squeeze oil out of a liver anyway?)
Despite the jeers of "Cod Breath" by one Cuddles, I feel it is a wonderous and illuminating product. Packed with Vitamin D for those long winter nights, enriched with Iodine which also does good things (that I can't remember right now), and livened up with essence of Orange oil to mask the slimy, semi-nauseating fish taste - particularly interesting in liquid form. Down the Hatch! (with a Vitamin-C laced apple juice chaser - yummy!)
2. Hemp Hearts - labelled as "earth's most perfect food" Hemp Hearts are delicious in salads, a "nutty" addition to yoghurts, perfect for de-icing the front porch, can be used as a substitute for "fennel seeds" in some recipes, easily get wedged between even-the-tightest of teeth, and will dissolve, even in cold water!
3. Cocoa nibs - chocolate bean, unprocessed. Eat with caution, eat with raisins. This "bitter" little treat will leave you not wanting for more! It satisfies the strongest chocolate craving instantly - with one acrid, unsweetened bite! Apparently has some enournmous amounts of anti-oxidants within - so enjoy with caution or else your free radicals might explode from your body with the force of the C's manliness on the unsuspecting tag that attempted to cover it. i.e., watch out!
Ms.Ms is wondering - did she say cocoa? or koo-koo?

Yes folks - I KNOW. so please - don't SAY IT.
truth be told - I feel pretty darn good. no 3PM tired-es, no painful runs to the upstairs washroom at work and no outbursts of anger. OK? SO FUCK OFF!

*N.B. In addition to the above products, I also have a rotting brocolli in the crisper.
Wednesday, February 01, 2006
I'm homesick and I miss you guys :(
I'm gonna be in Toronto on Feb 17th through the 21ish. Anyone going to be in town?
Anyone? Anyone?

So...nothing much to report here. I moved into my apartment and I'm loving it. I have a pullout couch for guests. So come and visit already will ya? I'm in the middle of little italy..right on the edge of Chinatown (and where all the strip clubs are). Walking distance to everything. It's really great. My dad came to visit on the weekend and fell a little bit in love with it.

As for thigns with Ro...well..the visit was good. And since he reads this little blog once in a while I will go into NO details and save it all for an email. *snicker* But he is coming back for 5 weeks to figure out where we go from here and spend more time together to make sure we can make this all work. But...as for his performance in the bedroom...well..it was allll good. He's a very cunnin linguist..if you know what I mean. And he was always ready to go. It was pretty damn good ladies. Go find a man from Scotland..TRUST ME!

Now I'm at work so I should really stop writing this and go work before I get in trouble for blogging at work (I swear I don't talk about work great gods of checking up on what I do).

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