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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Ooppcin - verb. Pronounced oohp_sin. An acronym for:

Overhearing other people's phone conversations in Public:

The following was Oopcined as I was strolling down a New York city street today:
"Yeah, being in quarantine totally sucked. It was raining all week and we were stuck inside. We couldn't see the kids because we didn't want to get them sick. Quarantine was not fun at all."
Wednesday, August 30, 2006
  If no one else will do it, I guess it's up to ME
Well, I have been anxiously awaiting a new entry on our blog, which has been tossed into the spider-webby arms of dilapidation, I see.

I actually have nothing to report.
Cuddles has said nothing funny (though he has worn something funny that I posted on whatshoudIweartoday),
it is the same ol' stinky man on the 24,
I have not since forgotten to wear my bra to work,
nor have I had any "process" or "period" issues...

Everything is running smoothly and according to plan.

Oop! the boss just walked in and as you know - no blogging at work!

I'm outtahere!
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
  Quick Overheard at The Hick-Cuddles Household Update
*heard the morning after Cuddles waking up to Hick singing "My Sharona" while making lunch

Cuddles : I never want to wake up to you singing My Sharona ever again
Hick : why not? I was happy and singing!
Cuddles : I don't want a classic rock relationship.

Ok, so I happen to find Terry DeMonte and Ted Bird funny and soothing (so soothing!) in the mornings. Is it my fault that they are the morning talk show hosts of a classic rock station? I mean Hell! It could be worse... it could be country!

I am starting to realise that all these household comments are Cuddles saying funny things. I'm not even sure that he knows they are funny...or does he? Do you think he's the funny one in the relationship? Be honest guys, I can take it. Have I lost my "edge"? Am I a washed-up CHOM listener?

Oh dear God.... I .... listen ... to ... CHOM. *faint*

When one is forced with facing a truth about themselves that one has been avoiding for a long time, it can be pretty harsh.

I just never, I mean, I never thought I would turn out this way. I thought "not me, it just can't happen" and then one day I have the phone in my hand and I'm hoping I'm the 9th caller because, yes, I do know the next lyric of that Led Zeppelin song.

*faint* (again)... *barf a little into mouth*...

I'm going cold turkey guys, I'm going COLD TURKEY.
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
  Yeah? So?
One of the girls, do you have a problem? So what if I've gotten laid more times in the last week than I have in the last 3 years? Do you mind that I am spending all afternoon, evening, night, and morning in bed with a man? Do I not deserve it? Does not a girl who has been single for the better part of the last 6 years have needs? Am I not human?

I hear you about to yawn in technicolour over your porcelain bus but all those acidic stomach juices won't be enough for me to stop telling you how much frigging sex I have been having, as often as I get the chance. Oral too. So, THERE!!

If you are feeling dirty after reading this, go take a shower with that pube-infested soap. Ya, man!!
Monday, August 07, 2006
Q: After a long and harrowing weekend with you extended family-in-laws, you run a hot shower and step into the tub to wash off the annoyances of the few days past. Your eyes fall upon the bar of Ivory which *HORRORS* appears to be laden with hair. Thick, dark, curly, man-like ones. Knowing that these do not belong to your husband as he had showered and left for work about three hours previously, you deduce that they either belong to your father-in-law, or your loathsome, give-you-gross-out-goosebumps brother-in-law. Do you:
a) Lean over to the toilet bowl and heave all of your stomach's contents?
b) Run naked for the hills ?(You are getting into the shower, thus you don nary a stitch of clothing.)
c) Think: who brought up these adults? Don't they know not to leave pubes on other peoples' soaps? Forcryingoutloud?
d) Die of disgustingness?
e) Think of the jingle: "I want my clean as real as Ivory, it's gotta be 99.44% full of someone else's body hair"?
f) Save it to show all your friends as a party favour at Tali's BBQ?
g) all of the above
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Must post quick because I'm at work.

Just confirmed a trip home to Montreal - August 30 - September 5. YAY!

I'll see you all then? Is anyone/everyone around?

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