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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  Airmiles or Cashback
You haven't forgotten me.
Well, atleast ms ms and Princess (thanks) haven't forgetten me. The rest of you i'm sure have your excuses.. jobs, blogs whatever.

So I have a new life problem plaguing me.

New Credit card offer - do I take the airmiles or the cash back

Airmiles is good on 21 different airlines. Each point you earn is equal to one mile.
25,000 pts = one north america round trip ticket

Cash back is 1% on every dollar spent
25,000 dollars = $250.00 in the bank

The cash is a given, and automatic. It's placed in an account every month (high yields savings account) you can't lose.

The airmiles are worth more but will I ever use them. I keep accumulating them but it seems everytime I want to book a flight using them, nothing is available.

Any thoughts?
did we not already have this conversation? i say airmiles.
and i can predict what everyone else will say too.
okay please predict what everyone else will say!
Just read today that Airmiles will be doing a 2-4-1 deal on all flights as a promo for comic relief (plus giving money to the charity also).

Surely that's got to swing it for you.
I dunno. It doesn't sound like Airmiles would work out for you.... though the cost-savings benefit would be greater. But-- ify ou will never book the flight, what good is it?

I say take what will be more satisfying to you!!
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