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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  The poo-poo song
I found this this morning and boy oh boy did it make my day! And took the edge off coming back to work...


Also - a word of advice - for the love of all things holly and new in the new year - do NOT take Cod Liver Oil in the morning on an empty stomach. I have what I think is some kind of heart burn (it's a new feeling that I hope to never have again) and am burping up lemony fish oil. Oy vey-smere.

And here is a little tempter as to what my next posting will be :

during my vacation time, I looked through some old boxes and found not 1, not 2 but MANY old letters from OOTG during our CEGEP (read : crude and dirty teenage) years.

Blog name : "OOTG - Circa 1993"

Wait for it...
That made me REALLY happy too.

A little too happy, perhaps.
um, hickteeth --- how would you like to meet me at www.lettersfromootg.blogspot.com because if we start with my box we can begin circa 1988.
we might have something going here... but let me ask you - did your letters make you cackle with laughter and cringe in disgust at the same time?

mine did.

I even think I blushed once or twice. I can't wait to compile this crazy blog, it'll be a doozy.
I have a whack o'letters as well... um, I mean I have Whacko Letters!!! I am in on the Ootg blog!!!
should we tell ootg? - she seems to be AWOL.
Yeah, where the hell is OOTG?
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