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Thursday, November 16, 2006
  Oh crap it's Thursday and I'm supposed to post something
Who's lame idea was that? Oh yah ---- mine.

Well, I take it all back. I will no longer be responsible for thursday's postings.

I don't like Thursdays. I feel more creative on Wednesdays. I would have chosed Wednesday but there were already three posts yesterday and I wanted to keep our momentum going by choosing Thursday. But alas, now it's Thursday and I have nothing to say. No poop stories to speak of, no sex to talk about (ooh let me clarify that. not that there is no sex --- it's that i'm not going to talk about it!)

Although.... that does remind me of a question I was going to ask and I think this blog may be the perfect forum. Have you ever orgasmed while laying a log (and no that is not a sexual term....) Have you ever had the most fantastic poop of your life that as it came out it pushed in the perfect spot and in the moment of release of tension and fical matter you were brought to a climactical ecstasy?!

.... Just asking.

PS - I am recalling my posting day and choosing Wednesday. Stamped it, double lock, no erasies!
Um, no that's never happened to me, but I'd kind of like to know, but sort of don't really want to know if it has ever happened to you.
wow, that would be one scary shit!
and contrary to ms ms, i DO want to know if its happened to you, and if not WHERE THE FUCK did you get that idea?
lets just say it happened to a "friend" of mine!!!
No, it has never happened to me either but you gotta admit, how fucking satisfying would that be?

BOTH a nice, refreshing poo AND an orgasm?

Then again, how big and at what angle would the log of pleasure have to come out at to make this happen?

I mean REALLY!? HOW?

I need charts, I need graphics, I need an illustration!
Ms Ms? you draw well.. please, try!
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