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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  You've Gotta Give Me Something
I know I am just as guilty of lack of blog in recent weeks (but gimme a break--- I've got 2 other blogs with regular postings!). If you guys are looking for personal info, check into my hair trimming saga with Spoke. GREAT RESULTS!! Gotta love that man. Today he emailed me to say he's feeling shy about using the urinals. What will his fellow pee-ers think?

But anyway, that is not the purpose of this here post. I am stressed, sad, fed up, angry, unsatisfied and need more hours in the day for work AND fun. I am not loving my work situation and, in fact, have applied for a new job (wish me luck!). The situation here of colleague-from-hell are about to heighten in a way I am most anxious to even acknowledge. I just take it day by day and hope for the best... Too much to get into here, but there is a chance it is out of my hands, which is the most I could hope for...

All this said-- I need entertainment. I need to laugh in the way to which I have become accustomed. I need some websites-o-hilarity, or to hear about OOTG and the C's sex life, or to hear about an article of clothing Hickteeth forgot to put on in the morning or a story about some crazy muthafucka Shenanigan met in LA. SOMETHING!

Seeing our pal T-Rock in the T Dot was great-- I needed a good ol smiling friend and I love seeing her happy.

Spoke is THE BEST. He has been so supportive. I must say, he can be damn funny at times too, especially when he shaves his balls.

Next week I am going on vacation... but before then--- GIVE ME SOMETHING!

I lurve you all!
I think i've spent too much time in LA. everyone and everything is starting to seem normal too me. All those "strange muthafucka's" (as you so eliquently put it) don't seem so strange. But I'll try. I'll try to post about the weird people I am slowly turning into!

oh and the video - that will provide hours of entertainment. Tomorrow. I will try to finish and/or alteast post a preview of it tomrrow.
Ms Ms, why would Spoke be shy about using the urinals? As far as I understand it, men don't remover their shirts / pants and underwear to pee. Any trimmings or non-trimmings should stay safely tucked within the confines of the pant.... HOW does he pee?

Maybe that's something he should be worried about.

Also re : the job and the "colleague" from hell. I'm there with you sister in soul and spirit. I am also facing a big challenge over here and have considered looking for another job too. Today is going to be a bad day as I have to have a "talk" with my colleague.

I wish us both luck. Word to our mothers.
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