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Thursday, October 26, 2006
  An Almost Successful First Outing
Well, it was the first attempt for an all-OurFiveCents outing and it was 80% successful.

Attendants : Hickteeth, Ms Ms, OOTG, Madame Shenanigan
Venue : Las Vegas, a.k.a. Sin City

Not in Picture : Tali - due to unfortunate circumstances

Despite the missing party (who was very missed) this 20% of OFC had an amazing weekend. Full of laughter and silly antics as expected.

Thank you for a great time with the girls. And as was pointed out and noticed by moi, it would not have been the same with significant others. I just don't think Cuddles' boob almost popping out of his bikini would have been as funny. Nor would the C's vocal rendition of my need to pee, and nor would Madame S's hubby's accidental genital rub with OOTG (well, ok that one might have been just as funny).

Next year, someone else can choose the venue and hopefully - it will be 100% successful, with no missing parties.

Thanks again ladies, it really was fantastic.
And thanks Madame S, for the momento - the gold belt of delight!

ahem ahem I expect some creative posts with 99 ways to wear said gold belt!
hmm, hmmmmmm.... I'll have to work on that one... but I'm up for the challenge
hee hee!! I like that idea... and you know where to publicize the results.

GREAT TRIP GIRLS!! The residual memories of the weekend past still bring a silly little grin to my mouth and a tingle in my belly. I hope we have lots more fun times, at home and abroad.

Have a great week!
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