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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  Here I go again
Have you all given up on this little blog?

Are you too busy, stressed out and overworked?

Well, here's something to raise your spirits and lower your anxiety...

It's recommended by a doctor, and it's obviously considered some kind of medicine, so it must work and it must be healthy.

sign me up for a sa-weet chocolate in-jeck-tion!

hickteeth, thanks for blogging. i was feeling sad about our ignoramusness of the blog as of late too.... hopefully things will pick up!
well if a doctor recommened it IT HAS TO BE GOOD FOR YOU. Any excuse for chocolate.

Now can you find me something healthy about diet coke? anything... a study? a doctor who recommends? a purpose for it other than removing rust from your car?!
Diet Coke is really useful in unclogging feeding tubes. It's used in the hospital. I wonder if it would get the gunk and hair out of my bathroom sink too? SHould I try?
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