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Monday, December 04, 2006
  The Dilemma
So, what's everyone doing for New Year's Eve???

Don't you hate that question? There is this perception that there are 1001 fabulous and festive things to be doing on the 31st of December, but who do you know that has one of these fabulous events in store for them?

Every year, it's the same thing. New Year's Eve is discussed at some point in October: "We should do something fun and fabulous this year!". Then a follow-up discussion is delayed until some point in early December, when someone emails: "What are you guys doing for New Year's?". And no one has a clue.

Usually I end up going to a lame-ass club that doesn't have an outrageous cover charge. We drink, and it is an OK night, certainly not the best night of the year. Sometimes I end up tagging along to someone's party who I don't know so well and the night is so-so. One year, I puked all over someone's CD collection then had to take a nap in his bed. That New Year's sucked. I never went back to his party.

Last year we were organized and it was actually really fun, other than Ms. Ms' "dodge the kiss at midnight" routine. We went to a rented theatrespace party and ALL my friends came. Some started the night drinking at my place. Really fun.

This year, I am excited. Why, you may ask? THE NEW YEAR'S KISS!!! I haven't had a boyfriend on New Year's since the eve of the millennium! I know New Year's is no big deal and all... but inevitably, everyone kisses their sig other at the stroke of midnight, except me, who spends 11-11:45 PM trying to chat up cute guys, then resorts to standing by my friends until they finish kissing, so I can hug them. Oh, yeah, and dodging K (who I kissed)'s kiss last year. One year I actually gave Lacoste a big drunk wet one!! What a mistake!

So I get my New Year's kiss if I spend the night with Spoke. But then, what about my friends? This year, I have to make a choice. It is clear to me that I need to go where my friends are going, if they are going anywhere. I know we've got some marrieds among us on this great blog of ours, but my friends have stood by me through countless so-so New Yearses and Spoke has known me just a few months... I have to place the priority with friends, who will still be with me if Spoke should go. The kiss is not worth it.

The problem? NO ONE HAS TALKED ABOUT NEW YEAR'S YET. Spoke has invited his friends to a house party already, and he really wants me to spend the night with him... argh.

Today I emailed some friends, inviting them to his house. I don't know if they will go for that. Everyone is single again. His party might not be their cup of tea. I also don't want to ditch them for my boyfriend. The girls would understand, but Lacoste and I have been on shaky ground lately, I think because of all the time I devote to Spoke. He is the one friend who has gotten lost in this new mix: I have seen him just twice in 4 months.

So..... what to do?
I'm off to the UK for New Years to meet all of Nick's friends...eeeek! Wanna come? :)

ANd i Say spend it with Spoke...your friends will understand....you have invited them to his house party..and if they don't come then they are choosing other things to do..as for Lacoste...would you REALLY be happier hanging out with him instead of spoke? I say do what will make you happy lady. You have someone you want to spend the holidays with ...spend it with him then..you have nothing to prove to anyone.
thanks, McT!!

You are right... well part of you is right, must be the same part of me that is hoping I can go to his party.... it would be nice and who knows? Maybe it will be our first NYE of many.

I want to go where the people who are closest to me are, and if I go with Spoke, he might be the only one I care about at that given party.... where a group of many people I care about might be together, somewhere else, without me, that doesn't seem right.

Best-case scenario might be the whole group of my friends breaking up to do different things, and I am free to go where I most want to go.

Anywho, whateva. I'm sure NYE will be fun.

YOURS sounds AWESOME!! WOO HOO, UK!!!! You will have a wonderful time. can't wait to see you in Mtl before you go.
Hmm, I'd say wait to see what others are doing.

If you are not initiating and having a party or something, than don't chase everyone around because you might feel guilty about being with Spoke and not them. If there is a good friend plan, than consider it seriously, if not, than go be with the boy!

I honestly think that NYE is a totally overrated holiday. Like it's some kind of omen for the whole year - HA! If you want to see your friends more, than you'll make an effort to see them in 2007 - it's not all dependant on this one NYE. They'll notice more that you are making an effort throughout the year, not just on one night.

That's my 5 cents.
yeah.... totally.

as it turns out, sweetspot is just getting back from vacation and doesn't care about NYE, holy t is taking care of her family, lacoste is gonna make his plans with his closest buddies.... so i am left with spoke anyway--- works out well!! He has invited friends to his place but no one is committing. We'll just go with the crowd I guess. or do nothing, which might be kind of nice too
I'm all for the "do nothing". Did I just tell you something new about me? I think not.
Hickteeth... wanna do nothing? (You did say it was overrated, so why not spend it with me? We can make boardgames or something.)

I think my NYE plans have been decided... it's murder mystery night at Spoke's friends' place! I'm a bit terrified that His Ex has been invited too... but I assume since we are, she is not. That'd be weird, and would suck.

So, yeah. Murder mystery. Hope I'm not "it".

I think this year, nearly everyone I know is thinking it's an overrated holiday, and not one that needs over-planning.

I just like causes for celebration ;) ... and excessive consumption of alcohol.
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