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Saturday, December 16, 2006
  The pee pee song
I'm now worried that I started out with the best preview and the rest of the video in its entirety will be a slight disappointment! It's nearly done, I swear. It's just putting it on a darn dvd and getting it to you.

January, I promise!

For now enjoy the pee pee song on You Tube : )
I think the best is gonna be the routine in the pool!! I'm holding out for that. I wonder if it looked as good as it felt it looked??? ... ha ha!!

"Jen's got to pee, Jen's got to pee... please wash your hands.... wiiiiiith soooooooaaaaaaaapppppppp!!!"

OK Spoke watched it(twice) and he didn't break up with me. Can you believe that shit? HA HA! I have found me a keeper for sure if he can sit through a musical ditty about pee that I've made up with my 30something friends in vegas, making a complete arse out of myself in public.. and not even think I'm totally wacked.

I didn't send this one to Cuddles - dunno why - I guess because it didn't star ME!

I need to make the all-Jen-all-the-time video. I'm barely in these and when I am, I'm either disinterested or throwing paper towels and then IMMEDIATELY picking them up and throwing them in the trash. I couldn't even wait the 10 seconds until the camera went off to do it, apparently.

Boy have I changed!

I'm all about getting stuff done quickly now which translates as : boring.

At least I am almost almost done my x-mas shopping. so hopefully I can start relaxing soon and just be a bum for the next 1.5 weeks of 'cation.

ok, Spoke is a keeper. We said it before and we'll say it again. Keep the man, keep him close and keep him warm. Don't let him get a chill! It's cold outside fer cryin' out loud and there are pictures on him in a bathing suit on your flickr site.
What, are you trying to kill him? Get the boy a sweater!!!
Hey--- he's a grown man. He can take care of himself, or choose not to.

I DID notice, right away, that you picked up the paper towel you threw. I thought you were trying to be funny! And it was.... I was all (catching my breath from laughing): "she... picked... up... the paper!!! Bwahahahah!"

You've still got it baby.

Let's take some of our own vids when we are back inthe same town together....um, but maybe not over brunch in AOutaouais. Unless ya wanna.
The all-Jen-all-the-time video, that can be arranged as a segment in the pool section

Here is the thing about the pool. There is such a build up to it, it has to be the best, and currently I feel it's lacking something. And it's not in the talent. IT's in the pizaaazzz. maybe an intercut with the a-j-a-t-v is just what it needs. Maybe the a-a-a-t-v is to overwhelming hahahahahaha.
I'm SORRY!!!

You know how I get when the camera is turned on... you know what it does to me.

In fact, I blame it entirely on Jen and her interest in film, circa 1990. I was filmed so often since the tender age of 15 or so, I believe the need to perform now circulates through my veins.
tis true, we did ALOT of videoing in our day. And Ms MS, well she took to it like a duck to water.

now everytime a camera is turned on, she can't helop herself, like some kind of sick addiction, she's batting her eyelashes, tossing her hair, revealing a shoulder.. and... its...all....my....fault!!!!
oya, who's "Jen"
I dunno. What's "helop"?
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