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Friday, February 02, 2007
Thanks to David Bowie for the overused, ever appropriate song.

So much is going on in the lives of OFC!!! not 1, not 2, but 3 of us are either changing or thinking about changing jobs, one of us is in Hawaii with their parents and one is being a major support to good ol' Hickteeth over here.

My annoucement is that I accepted my job offer. I got the same conditions as I do here - meaning, Friday afternoons off (See Ms Shenanigan - anything is possibile in the land of Montreal!) I was actually offfered to work 4 days a week, but the difference in salary was such that I said "ok! I'll work an extra few hours a week, and you pay me a lot more, thanks and thanks."

This is not a hilarious or long post, just one to keep you "posted".

-Posty McPosterson
well hickola, you are a great sounce of support yourself!
(i assume you were referring to me, as i am not in hawaii, and neither are my parents, nor am i taking a new job...)
yay to you, and you, and you , and you. (that's to all of you!)

When I am in Mtl next weekend, I will offer mucho supporto too! ANd a big ol hug to go with it!!

SHall we celebrate over a few tall cool ones? (not men, dumdum- BEERS!)

Congrats again! You most definitely deserve all the success and praise you are getting
thank you, you guys - I am blushing blushing blushing!

I can't wait to party and celebrate with you ladies!!!
but then who is the third one changing jobs? Why doesn't Tali post anymore : (
YA where's the Tall-ster?

She may be the third one - it's in the works.
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