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Friday, November 25, 2005
  a bit confus
hi guys,
it's me, the post that WAS here this afternoon (written by ms.) and now is gone.
ok what is up with that?
ms., you post, it stays. end of story. that's the point of this joint. we can spew whatever and then get feedback from our fine feathered friends (those without feathers may also post.) we love you no matter what. even in your moments of insanity.
a few other things...
thing number one: i am at work and have to poo. i don't like to here as there is only one stall, and it is smack in the middle of the show room.
thing number two: i can't wait to head out to meet hick and jlo for dinner! it's like a date. hope fully thing number one will be taken care of before thing number two, or hick's bathroom, and pehaps entire complex. will not be too happy with me.
thing number three: my hands are so dry that my skin on my knuckle is cracked, and it hurts. not a compalint, just a comment.
thing number four: omg, you should see the zits that are populating my chin. it's really too too much to behold. i know i posted re: zits a little while back, but for the love of all things holy, i am not 16 anymore!
thing number five: i was just told that i have to work. so gtta skiddadle.
love and snuggles,
Re : thing #1. On said night Hick called OOTG to ask her to bring over a head of lettuce.
OOTG : well, right now I am in the middle of taking a really good poo.
Well that answers THAT question, OOTG had to wait until she got home.
Re : thing #2 from above comment you can all surmise that OOTG made it over for dinner and a game of cranium wherein OOTG laughed so hard all the dogs in my building were barking.
Re : thing #3 OOTG - you are not 16 anymore but your zits aren't either. You have older, more mature zits now. It's different.
hey ootg, sorry i deleted that post. what do we call that? unblogging? yeah. i unblogged because i had posted a one line comment that made me sound near-suicidal, which i was not. so i decided to forget it ever happened, and SO SHOULD YOU!

ok sorry to advertise again, but my penis post instigated a discussion between a few males about differences in vaginas. very interesting.
apparently my not-16-year-old-zits are more mature, like my almost-31-year-old body. this means they are more stubborn, dig their heels in deeper, and hurt alot more than those of my earlier years.
woe is my chin crease (not woe, is all of me, but JUST the chin crease which oozed puss and gunk.)
as for ms.'s penis debate over the a yonder... i have been following the debate of the men. my opinion: vaginas are all COMPLETELY different! not that we should get together and whip down our teousers and panties and compare, but the porn that has passed before mine very eyes in this past little while certainly confirms this fact. and why should they not have many varieties to behold (and be-penetrate). variety is indeed the spice of life.
I'll wear a skirt for easier access
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