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Monday, November 14, 2005
  For The Record
I have decided, and am putting in writing here, to try to give up something as difficult to give up as Cuddles' smoking. Biting my nails (well, fingers more really, I don't actually bite the "nails")
I know this is a disgusting entry, but I am putting in in "writing" so that the world can know... I'm incontinent! .. I mean... I'm going to stop biting my fingees! Cuddles thinks its gross, which it is, and I think smoking is grosser, which it is. So we are both going to stop doing our respective gross things.

Anyone else willing to give up their gross habits? You guys all have something about you that makes us all want to retch. So let's have at it.
this girl does not have any "gross habits" to give up. unless you count picking her nose and eating it, and farting alot at inappropriate times.
pb, i'm proud of you for taking the bull by the horns (on a habit i never even knew you had, and for the love of god, i spend enough time with you, so it should have made itself evident to me at one time or another, but i digress), so i'm sorry that i couldn't right a more serious reply.
then again, if i DO have any gross habits that you guys have seen (and that i am NOT aware of) PLEASE feel free to outline them here.
Hickteeth-- get a manicure. if they look good, you might be less likely to bite them. fingies included. at the moment, i ahve not bitten for over a month due to repeated manicures.

maybe we can do a "chocolate diet" scenario. LIke when i come back to Montreal, if you and i both haven't bitten, we can go out for a big chocolate sundae or something.

OOTG, you might want to work on the farting and nose picking. I am not judging you, it's just a suggestion.
Ok then, I am into the big chocolate sundae idea.
At the moment my fundage is lowage and therefore I cannot go for repeat manicurage.
Perhaps after the x-mas holidays my bank account will bounce back. ACK!
ok, if i can have a choc sundae i will stop farting. i promise.
I caught myself with my finger IN MY MOUTH without even realising what I was going to do.

And I always claimed to be addiction-free. Little did I know...

OMG!!!! I just remembered having this weird dream and being uncomfortable and when I woke up - my finger was in my nostril!! Just snuggled up in there all warm and cozy!

( I can't even leave my name up there, I'm too embarassed)
ok, we write about bowel movements, farts, penises, ass sweats, vomit, groping each other, grating poo, peeing, furburger, bathroom smells, gaping anus holes.... SO ANONYMOUS, what's the big deal about a finger in the mouth or the nose?? Fess up and tell us who the heck you are! Who are we to judge?!
It's me, the feces grater.
Sometimes a little remains on my finger and I like to either suck on it or stick it up my nasal passages.
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