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Sunday, November 13, 2005
  The Low-Down on the Ho-I-Found (just kidding! sheesh don't be so sensitive!)
This weekend I received a call from Ms.Ms. "Hi it's Ms.Ms! I'm in a good mood so call me back. If you don't you can go to hell!"

I didn't get the message until the following morning, which is why, I determined at a later time, I woke up in Hell. Thanks ALOT Ms.Ms. I was granted one phone call....

PB : Ms. Ms? Hi, It's PB, yeah.. um.. I'm in Hell now thanks to you. It's very hot and I can't talk.. I'm.. so... parched....
Ms.Ms : well you should have called me back. We can no longer be friends.
PB : I'm SORREH I only got your call this morning!
(Ms.Ms giggles, I hear shuffling")
the next couple of lines were designed to allow me to Sherlock Holmes-like deduce that someone was over there...
PB : Is that HS of E?!!?!???
Ms.Ms. giggle
PB : So you got a piece of the Hulk eh??

... I will now cease this story as I have a feeling Ms. HS of E would prefer to conclude it herself.

She did explain to me that he ate 3 pieces of pizza BEFORE they went out for brunch. This allowed me to once again Sherlock-Holmes-like deduce that :

1. She "spent his evergy" so much that he was desperately trying to re-build it enough to be able to go out and eat more. W-o-w.
2. He is not lactose intolerant
3. Men with HS like pizza, as well as brunch, as well as lovely ladies such as Ms.Ms.
4. It may or may not had mushroooms on it.
5. Either they slept in late (I called at 11) or never went to bed.
6. I was told his "name" but shant repeat it here for obvious reasons. It was NOT Brian nor was it Harjit or Ling-Mao. Deduce...
7. If I had been in TO at that exact moment and had rang Ms.Ms'sss's's doorbell, I would have met him. I would have MET him! Dang it all.
8. Ms.Ms. is also not lactose intolerant. She is simply non-HS intolerant.
9. Pizza is also what one would refer to as a "hangover" food, and therefore, I believe that beverages might have been involved the night before. This is only speculative.
10. I did not go out for brunch, but ate a nice bowl of "Spelt Flakes" with Soy Milk and ground Flax Seeds. Hoo-boy. For a good time, call PB I tell ya.
I am not sure whether the 4-1-1 on the events of last night are Post-Worthy or whether a simple blogment will suffice... I will leave that up to you girls.

While Penis Breath was thorough in her account of our lactose-tolerant statii and the fact that I was indeed not alone last night, she left out ever so important details such as whether the HSofE (aka Lorenzo) wears boxers, briefs, or alternates between the 2, or whether he might have preferred Spelt Flakes and Soy to Pizza last night.

Now, I am not sure what this "evergy" that PB refers to is... but I am sure that the HSofE was neither appropriately evergetic nor was the amount of sleep he had enough to give him enough evergy this morning to live up to Ms Ms's impression of him.

However satisfactory in hulkiness, I little more evergy would have made Ms. Ms. much much more satisfactorily satisfied.

But.... who could give up a shaft like that? I hope to see him again, in all is unevergetic, lactose-tolerant, twentysomething, pizza loving enormity.

If you want more info on the pizza that was partaken of, please refer the secret blog.
thanks for all the deets, ladies... speculative and real.
ms. ms.... shocked am i to find a twenty-something unable to shake it all night long, but glad none the less to hear that indeed "long" it was, as to assure you being "satisfactorily satisfied." it is my impression, however, that we, as women of high ambition, aspirations, and integrity should not simply strive for the "satisfactory" things in life. thus i await un update on the sitch where in you show the said shaft of emormity what you expect!
(not sure what "integrity" has to do with this all, but i thought it sounded good at the time...)
he shook it in the night, ootg, but in the morning there was nary a pleasure to be had (on my end) while he enjoyed the fruits of my generosity, iykwim.

therefore, i can thus conclude that he is up for the shaking, especially to be shook, especially at night, and has evergy until such time as he has been unshooken of his shake. Knowing this, i must make sure i am satisfactorily satisfied (aka: shook) before His Royal Selfishness has been shaken.

If you would like the above translated, please feel free to blogment and i will elablograte and blogrify.
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