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Friday, November 11, 2005
  Where were you when i needed you most?
OK OK, the title is a little too melodramatic, but I have to tell you , in the midst of a crazy Thursday at work, I was laughing my bloody head off at the antics of Tali and one of the girls. Today-- other than Tali's obvious love affair with her movers, it was tumbleweed and crickets here on the old bloggeroonie. Where hast thou gone, my friends in blog?

Tali- New jersey, therefore, forgiven. She posted anyway.
one of the girls- i have proof that she commented on another blog at daybreak. Where the heck did she go for the rest of the day? I hope her own blogcession hasn't put her into a catatonic state (someone, go check on her!).
Hick Teeth (aka: Penis Breath) was nowhere to be seen today. Perhaps she got fired for too much blogmenting (blog commenting) at work and spent the day in the depths of despair (one of the girls, if you are not catatonic, please go check on her!). Or maybe the blogopics were too raunchy, even for her? Naw, that's impossible!
And Miss Kay... Miss Kay, don't you love us? You have a lot of catching up to do on your reading, Miss Kay! We expect some serious motherfucking blogs to make up for your lack of blog until now. Though, I admit, the rest of us have gone a little Blog-Mad. If we don't hear from you by early December, we will have Tali come check on you in Cali. OK?

As for me my lovelies, I am off now.... overworked, underpaid, megastressed, massively fatigued, minimally appreciated, I think I deserve a nice nap and a few stiff drinks later on. Maybe I'll just be drinking myself to oblivion to erase the pain and hardship of the weeks past. Too bad no one is left in Toronto to check on me. Guess I should get used to that :(
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