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Thursday, November 10, 2005
We are sorry, but your blog capacity is full.
Please cease and desist from adding any more blogs at this time.

We will contact you with further instructions, please do not attempt any more blogging until you have been granted permission.

Thank you.
Nice spelling
Blogger need smarter staff.
Granter me permission soon. I miss blogging y'all.
Yer a crazy mofo Tali,
there's nothing wrong with my blog!

no errors at all.
thank the dear lord!! Hickity, I am glad the limit was reached and you were the one to tell them... this is a time sucker, it is.

you girls need to be commited

... to an asylum
Finally penis breath leaves a post. Ms.Ms is all about penis breath. she does whatever it takes to make sure she always has it.

Ms.ms, the only time we come to an asylum is to visit you.
hardee har har. ya i should be commited to an asylum... who's the one who's moving across the country (to a whole other country!!)??? you are the one who needs your brain realigned (i know someone good).

as for penis breath.... hope to have some soon! .. if it fits....
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