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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  A Good Day for a Peds RD
In my job, a good day is one that is not too rushed and stressful and one where something either heartwarming or fun happens. When things get too busy, as they have been lately, I tend to forget to look at the small stuff: the baby who goes home to a happy family, parents reassured about the growth of their child, a once-petrified pregnant woman whose birth experience was wonderful.

Today, little Makenna who I have been following for 6 months for poor weight gain related to her heart disease (doing great now, thank you very much!) played ball with me with a plastic orange food model. She waved goodbye to me when she left and through her soother tried to say "thank you" which came out as "hmm hmm".

This is a good day.

Thought I'd throw in a bit of cheese to add to the poo and shaft talk as of late. Cheese, poo and shafts... a winning combo!
this sure: beats the previous post. it's like: first post of the day: i'm going to make my friends want to throw up. yes i am presenting something interesting, but really, grated poo? what if i was reading this while i was eating breakfast. but second post, well you have redeemed yourself. thank you for telling us about the great day, and the little things that make all the difference in life, and why you do what you do, and you do it so well. thanks so much. so very uplifting. i'm glad that we are friends and can share that kind of stuff. is this not what life is all about?
how interesting then that you can write such wonderful inspiring tales with the same mind that thinks about wanting to partake in one hulking shaft of enormity.
and speaking again of such hulking shaft... does the thought of "taking it in" (so to speak) no scare the living bejeezus out of you?
That is the diversity and bi-polarity of us, our five cents. (Or Our Five Sense?)
One day it's inspiring babies, the next hulking shafts. One day it's how men urinate, the next it's dying cats...

you just NEVER KNOW with us.

you neva neva know.
more like our "non"sense...
Yes, ootg, it scares me to put that thing in my mouth, i have to admit. my mouth is so damn small... at least I have a big tongue.

On the flipside, i met the most lovely family at the end of my workday. they have a severly disabled 9 year old who just seemed like the happiest person i met in years. it really warmed my heart. i had forgotten about kids like that, and how much i loved them at the montreal children's.

and, i have given up eating bowls of raisin bran. those farts were too stinky, even for me!! now, i just sprinkle a bit of RB on my cornflakes to make sure i don't have any loose movements, iykwim.
what farts? What did I miss???
hickity hack, refer to comments in "who was where when (and why)". I guess the OOTG was the only one to notice that comment.
yes i am totally in tune with everyone's rectal activities. wel some onw has to keep track for crying out loud!
(this is ootg disguised as tali. even when i am with her she does not contribute to the blog. what the fuck is her problem? and she laughs as i type this, and wait, look there may be a response. push the girl enough and she will bite. now that i know....)
tali is a PIG! the word verification just has the letters "bj" and she was like BJ ahahahahaha. what an immature idiot. i hope her next bj doesn't involve anything that is inormously hulking in a shaftlike way.(this was ootg again.)
OOTG just asked me to "fuck her". I had to turn her down. All I said was BJ and now she is all hot and bothered. MY GOD THIS GIRL IS A PERV. One too many porn movies clearly.
I'm realizing that6 when she visits, I'm going to have to set up some kind of US free cable descrambler to keep her and her hubby entertained while I'm at work.
I feel violated.
(this is Tali, writing as Tali)
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