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Friday, November 04, 2005
  a list for my friends
1. i am writing this instead of taking a shower. how gross is that?
2. tali, take a deep breath. then exhale. repeat.
3. ms. m, you think about the blog on the can?
4. hick, i can't wait to see you again today.
5. have any of you seen miss k?
6. how come no one commented that the colour of our blog changed?
7. or how funny my previous posts have been?
8. how come???
9. when we are old and grey i wonder if we will still blog.
10. hahahahahaha!!! can you imagine us with grey hair???!!!
11. who do you think will be the first to cover up her grey?
12. that got me thinking about who lost their virginity first. OMG i think i was last!
13. the c forgot to put out the garbage today, so i went outside in my house slippers, orange t-shirt and no bra to do so.
14. re: post about zits - today there are even more.
15. maybe thats because i don't shower?
RE: blog colour. we did comment. to each other. and we hate it.
RE: RE: blog colour. FUCK YOU
Re: Re: Blog colour. FUCK YOU
perhaps someone needs to take a nice, calming SHOWER?
Thank god for this blog.
Where would i be without you guys?
Who did lose their virginity first? Me: March 1, 1991
RE: #3, what I do on the can: I am not the blogcessed one... I think the 2 who coined that term were Hick Teeth and YOURSELF. So... we know who is thinking of what on the you-know-what.
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