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Monday, October 31, 2005
San Francisco made an offer. I'm FREAKING out.

I think I'm gonna take it girls.
I'm freaking out with you!!!!
Is it worth it? Is it buckets of cash? Do scantily-clad men come with the offer?

Now I'll HAVE to go to Cali for a while!
I am not sure Tali is thinking this through. Just think of how far you'll be from Sushi On Bloor, Brunch at Orange, girls with Hick Teeth and others who allow the farts to flow freely. Who else will watch trashy cartoons with you out west? You'll be.... an AMERICAN!!

But if you do go, I'm comin' to visit!
you know ms. m, just cuz tali moves there that doesn't make her automatically AMERICAN!
i think this is soooo exciting for our girl. think about the wine country, the good weather, how close you will be to miss k, the awesome sushi, the scantilly clad men (oh wait, that was in hick's dream)...
you know that we are behind oyu no matter what you decide.
and of course we'll all be a visitin'... maybe ensemble?
Do it!
umm... anyone know who "Freethinker" is?
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