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Monday, October 31, 2005
  on changes
you will note that one of the girls has been busy as a bee this morning. aside from making meatballs, vegetable sauce and butternut squash soup, she has worked on our blog. you can observe with glee that she has gotten our names to appear at the end of each post. you will also absorb joyfuly the list of previosly posted items in the sidebar to your right. as for changing the font, it can be done in the post section, as per the posters delight. but let's not let it get out of control. (i know i am asking for trouble by saying that!) is it really too much to ask that we indulge this blogger's anality? she who is writing this loves the grey black and white cool look of the blog.
i am going into the corner to weep.
you got off the phone with me in a hurry to make meatballs?

You are no longer my friend.

Also, the bars are not smaller, dear friend, we are larger.
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