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Thursday, October 27, 2005
  TGI Thurs
Well, here I am in my little office with the door closed, wolfing down my lunch, waiting for a Dyslipidemia Webcast to finally download on my computer so I can watch. I keep getting an "internal server" error. What is a Dyslipidemia Webcast, you may ask? Well, apparently it's something I will not be partaking in today. What is an Internal Server, you may ask? Fucked if I know! (so you know i definitely don't know).

To pass the time, I will give you some funny little anecdotes, or just anything I can think of.

Yesterday, an 8 year old autistic kid tore up my office and crushed his cheese-flavoured goldfish crackers all over my carpeted floor (it's the only thing he'll eat, other than Sunny-D, hence the reason for seeing a dietitian).

My hyper aerobics teacher was dancing and singing all over the class. He stopped in front of one girl and she told him she had "switched" (ie: went down to a lower weight set). He replied: "I swtiched too, about 10 years ago. I ditched the bitch and made the switch."

I have a piece of apple core wedged between 2 teeth! It's stuck there and I am without floss! Even the hairs from my head break upon impact! Oh, woe is me, how the heck am I gonna get this out???

I was MSN'ing a friend of mine in Argentina.
Me: I have a spanish question for you. If "cucaracha" is a cockroach......... then is a "cuca" a cock?
Me: Uh..... I guess not.
Then I learned that cock is "verga" or "pija" both, interestingly, are feminine nouns.

Other cool spanish words: ferrocarril (train tracks)- really roll those rrrrr's, sorprendentemente (surprisingly), lavavajillas (dishwasher). Oh the places you'll go when you have the incredibly useful Spanish vocabulary that I do.

OK webcast officially not gonna happen. Hope you pretties are having a nice day. Ellas son divinas mi chicas!!
The other day, so he told me, Cuddles felt something lodged between his teeth and worked at it until he dislodged it with his tongue... he said it tasted minty.. because it was... a piece of floss!!!

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