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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  The Mug That Changed Everything
Well, my do-gooder cousin can do no more good in Africa as he has now returned from said place due to Malaria followed by Intestinal Typhoid. He's ok - don't worry. But there's a whole alotta tropical diseases to catch out there in the world.

Today I have decided to turn things around for myself. I began the day by calling OOTG to complain about my pants-too-short (I think they shrunk in the wash), boots too old (decrepit and gross-looking combo. I was feeling quite OOT* with the fashion world and just all around loser-ish (see "Posh Spice" entry below) IYKWIM**.

After the compainotron phonecall (in which OOTG handled my superficial whining with grace and dignity) I went to get myself a coffee and noticed a new mug sitting there - from the tv station "Drive-In Classics" and boy did I love it! After seeing how I was enjoying the coffee that came forth from aforementioned cup-o-joy, one of the english editors (to whom the cup was sent) gave it to me and SHAZAM! good mood! Giggly even!

I guess the lesson here is : a good mug can make even the geekiest most OOT girl ok again.
This year - you all get Jen Mugs for xmas! OMG... now I HAVE to do it.... YAY!

*Out Of Touch
**If You Know What I Mean
wow, if i had known that all it would take is a "cool mug" then i would have scurried right ova wit one. i hope everyone find their cup-o-joy today!
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