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Friday, October 21, 2005
  Creating "Our 5 Cents"
Yesterday marked an important occasion in the lives of 5 unusual girls, a day that ensured that our creative side would not turn to fuzzy blueberry, a day when hilarity and belly bursting laughter could commence once again, a day which will be celebrated annually with parades and free popcorn. Face painting for the kids!

The history of such an event should be recorded for future generations and I, Ms. Mysterioso, had the honour (and for some reason, the time!) to record the events as they unfolded.

What you are about to read transpired over a 24 hour span, when the emails were flying like that diarrhea-covered sheet in "Trainspotting". There was laughter, confusion, hurt feelings, and in the midst of all this .... "Our 5 Cents" was born.

(Emails may have been edited as Ms. M sees fit (hah!) and commentary may or may not be the opinion of all those involved.)

One of the Girls started us off with her stroke of brilliance....

One of the girls:
hi girls... some of you are aware of my recent fascination with the blog. i was clicking everywhere, i tell ya. from one blog to the next, seeing what i would land upon. when i loved a blog i would check out all the links in said blogger's blog which led me to more blogs. ok, point one made: i am blogcessed. my purpose: to involve you loved ones in an activity (a blogtivity if you will). i shiver to imagine the amusement that will come of it! oh the possibilities! GIRLS- i propose the round robin of the twenty-first century. (perhaps the "round bloggin") of course you all know that this could not have been an original idea of mine (i am not the idea girl, i am the pull it together and follow through on the plan girl -thus would not make it on the apprentice, but that is a story for another day.) i know some girls who can pull off such a thing. i miss our letters, i miss our fun, i miss our attitude... all especially wonderful when we get together. we are far apart now, but the blog can unite. WHO AMONG YOU WISHES TO UNITE? Picture it... a blog... made by us, for us. (and whomever else wishes to peruse). i think it will be a hoot. It may give all of us that little boost of creativity and zaniness that we have found missing of late. enough blathering. just respond. i am off to see if im pregnant.

Ms. M:
Maybe we should call it "Round Robin Grows Up" ?
Or "Snap, Crackle, and Pop"
Or "Rants, Ravings, and All-Around Craziness From Da Girls"

Tali (mind in the gutter):
"The Fucktastic Four"

Ms M (the appropriate one):
does that really give the right impression? maybe the "Funktastic Fluckers" not that it makes any sense, but what can i say? i'm getting a bit delerious here at work.

One of the girls (favouring the "clean version" though she's the dirtiest of all):
maybe "Funktastic Four" ?

Miss Kay (finally makes an appearance):
OH MY GOD. You will not believe this. I was out with the kids from high school tonight and we were all catching up and in my head I was like, "we should to a
group BLOG because a)it would be a good way to keep up on what everyone is doing and b) I would secretly like to blog myself but can not get up the nerve to do my
own" I did not let this idea leave my head - maybe for fear of ridicule or maybe becuase the tempura lobster rolls showed up and I got distracted. Then low and
behold i got home and checked my email. I think it's a great idea. Count me in! I didn't even read the whole email I was so excited but the prospects. Okay stand by -I'm going to read what i'm getting myself into!

Ms. M (back to Biz-nits):
or the "Four Flubbering Fools" ?

Hick Teeth (thinks she’s clever):
How about the "Jivetastic Five" since there are FIVE of us people !!! I am the only one who can count? how about "Four Retards and a Beauty" ? Hahahhahah!!! ok ok seriously, how about the "Powered Toast Women" ? No? Ok, how about "Can't Touch This" - or... "Verbal Diarreah" ?

Then she got bitchy at Ms. M, for no reason at all:
Ms. M, yer right, you are no longer funny and therefore should be kicked out of "Four Retards and a Beauty", "3 Retards" sounds better anyway...

Ms M ’s retort:
i believe the correct spelling is "Diarrhoeah" in medical terminology. maybe we should discuss the name of the blog on the blog. this thought process is kinda funny! And Hick Teeth, thanks for thinking of me with the "beauty" thing. that's great, but unfair to the rest of you. how about "The Five Alive in a Dive with a Chive" ?

We should call it "What's In A Name" in the meantime!!!!!

Ms M:
In the meantime we should call it: "A Lame Name"

One of the girls (gets insecure):
i know but we have to REGISTER it as something, and shouldn't that be the name? or am i one of the 4 retards?

Ms. M (the voice of reason, as per usual):
register under "Spectacular Name Under Discussion" or something like that. am i a retard too? i think i'm coming up with some pretty brilliant ideas, personally

one of the girls
(finally some logic!):
1. Ms. M, you are brilliant AND hilarious
2. i am anal, i cant help it
3. maybe this is why i cant get my own blog started, i cant get over the name thing
4. is someone gonna make an executive decision re: the name?

Ms. M: (keepin' it simple)
"The Brilliant, Hilarious, Anal, and Retarded Beauties" How's that?

Tali changes the jist:
How about "FiveAlive" ?

Ms. M (hurt):
ugh! whatever! I don't want to fight!! It's just that..... sniff... I offer you my creative brilliance and some of the best ideas i've ever had and I get... nothing. No respect. Or recognition.
"FiveAlive". whatever.

One of the girls
what about "Highfive" ? what about "A Few of my Favorite Things" (as in you guys are a few of my favorite things)

Ms. M (trying to keep her friends):
hey i was kidding before... i like "Fivealive" (especially the fruit drink). i'm cool with whatever. hey maybe that's what we should call it: "Coowitwhateva"

Miss Kay (to the rescue):
sheesh - 312 emails later, all out of sequence and I will put my two cents in (Hey that could be a name - "My Two Cents" or "Our 5 Cents" okay that was a tangent. back to what I was really going to say - not so into the "Fivealive" or "Highfive". I liked "Super Spectacular Name" (don't know who suggested that! And there was another one recently that came up something like "Imcoowitwhatever" yup, that one amused me.
ha ha ha did i complicate or what?! oh yah, now re-reading my ideas are boring. Don't listen to me!

Ms. M (finally recognized for her brilliance):
woohoo!! At least SOMEONE likes my names!!!
PS- i also like "Our 5 Cents" (she said that just to be nice)

Hick Teeth (taking the Lord's name in vain):
Jezuz H Christ. Way to fill my inbox up with 235,324,764 emails and not leave room for anything else! how about "We The Undecided" ?

One of the girls (making sense of our stupidity and taking action, as she always does, but usually with The C):
To aliviate any shit becoming holy, I have created our blog. It is http://www.ourfivecents.blogspot.com

Yay for us finally making a decision. Well, thanks to you, One of the girls. Let us not speak of changing the name again.

Now.... let the ridiculousness begin!!
Girleepooooooos.... can i post this blog in my blog too? I think it's funny and it might attract a bit of traffic to us. Not that I get so much traffic, but inquiring minds may want to know.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ms. m... so SWELL of you to recount. i was looking forward to your tale. you always step right up to the challenge.
whats with the "comment deleted by author" thing? how annoying is that? i want to know what everyone has to say. not fair, and a bit creepy. can't you think aobut wanting to post before you post? i don't get it.
yaa... i deleted that comment by author . for some reason the comment appeared twice and i deleted one. didn't mean to stress ya out.
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