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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  A Bump on A Log (not that kind of log, Sicko!)
That show she speaks of- it's wrong, wrong, WRONG!
And the brunch she speaks of - it was deeee-lish.

I, as well, have been neglecting my "Our 5 Cents" duties. What I have not been neglecting however, is running myself ragged when I am away from home, then slumping on my couch to fester and rot for the time I have to relax. My place is a mess, I haven't done my Spanish homework, I think there are some liquified veggies in my fridge.

Ho Hum.

This weekend is party hearty Halloween time! Whatchoo gals doing? Handy the Candy or Party the Hearty?

Some input on my costume-in-progress would be mucho appreciado (Disclaimer: that might not actually be a Spanish word). Picture it: sexy, yet frightening. A healer, and a killer. She hands out a lollipop to console you, then bites off your head. Yes, ladies, I am going as the Sexy Zombie School Nurse.

Items acquired: white nurses dress, long flowy pink wig, red fishnets, stethoscope
Needed: Belt containing "nursing tools" ie: vials of urine, syringes of blood, small plastic spiders, face makeup for "horrifying, bloodcurdling" look that is sure to shock and awe!, lollipops.

More spine-chilling and horrendous OR sensual and lusty ideas would be, again, mucho appreciado.

To remove myself from Bump-on-a-Log status, I am off to do some real work at my real job for which they are paying me to do something other than blogginate with my friends.... I think....
I think it would be awesome to buy some of that fake skin stuff and make it look like your skin was "peeling back" in certain places - like btw the boobs for ex.

Gross hick teeth are a given, of course - esp those that look "rotten".

I woudl buy grosser candy than lollipops - get like - gummy skull and crossbones, or gum that oozes stuff - ya know!

Man, I wish I had a party and a costume - I got nothin! and I live in an apt therefore no kids will visit.

i'm all for the candy oozing goo.
watch out for the teeth, you may scare off the men that find the nurse in you attractive...
and hick, you can come give out candy chez moi. it will be my pleasure to have you here. and you can dress up for the kids. maybe you can be a washed backside.
How would one "dress up" as a "washed backside"?

Could I simply draw a raw, red crack on my face? Or would I need to make head-sized underwear to further illustrate what I am dressing up as?
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