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Monday, October 24, 2005
  Posh Spice
I didn't have a great weekend girlz, it's true.

then I came into work and Posh Spice asked me how my weekend was. I said "not great", I did laundry, studies etc... I got an unwelcome and uncalled-for reaction of "oh" with disgusted face. I then added, "but I went to the insectarium... that was fun". "Oh, you have kids?" she asked.. me "... no..." her "???!??.. but well, I figured since you were there" (emphasis on the word THERE) Me "no, I just like that stuff... " her --> running as fast as pointy toed shows can carry her away.

Now I ask you ladies - wouldn't YOU go to the insectarium? I discovered amazing things such as : there is an insect in Quebec who can sense the vibrations of larvae in trees and then inserts its probiscus into the wood to lay its egg on the larva so that when its egg hatches it can EAT THE OTHER LARVA ALIVE to feed itself. Isn't that FASCINATIING? and horribly violent?

Who wouldn't want to learn amazing things like that?
comment totally uncalled for. who does that pointy-toed bitch think she is??
not that i would be interested, but... COME ON
insectarium????? OMG, we are no longer friends.
no no, not insectarium... Sin-sectarium - you can't even imagine the things that go on there! that whole bug on the tree thing was a metaphor.... really!
now i get it. where is the place??
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