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Saturday, October 22, 2005
  The midnight bandit
I was reading the last few entries at my parents' place (as I do laundry of course) and laughing out loud when mom yells out "what's so funny?" "I'm just reading emails mom!" "Oh, well, that's nice dear"...

BTW - was it necessary in the run-down of the name to leave in the line where One of the Girls mentions "going to see if I'm pregnant"?

And BTW OOTG, I empathise with your lack of plumber butt. That's unfortunate.

I'll leave you all with a short story that both annoyed and amused me.

It was a cool October night and HickTeeth and her boyfriend Cuddles were eating a nice healthy salad for dinner. Too finish it off, they shared a large chocolate cookie that filled them right up. But Hick Teeth was unable to finish her half of the chocolate-packed deliciousness and Cuddles suggested "saving the rest for later". "What a fine ides cuddles, wickety-wack!" so she wrapped it up and left it on the counter.
The next morning.... HickTeeth wakes up (Cuddles is off to work already) and makes her lunch. She reaches for her remaining cookie ... when ... shazam! It's gone!
Hick Teeth calls Cuddles in a panic "Cuddles! My cookie is gone!" "Uh....yes, I must have sleptwalked..." "Wu du fu?!? sleptwalked? What?" "I ate it" "when? In the middle of the night?" " ... ya." "you woke up in the middle of the night and ate my cookie piece?"
The answer... was affirmative.
Well, Hickity Hick, now that you have re-mentioned said preggo comment, the emphasis is placed even more on the fact it is there. Good jobberino. Perhaps OOTG should tell me whether I should edit that shite out.

And, you call your boyfriend 'Cuddles'? That's is cheezass. But I like it.

Sorry bout the cookie. It sounded good.
first itme hearing story = funny
second time = hilarious
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