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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Also, I want to discuss the bidet. What's everyone's take on it (speaking of anus')? Why are the europeans so obsessed? What exactly are they for?
In the words of Crocodile Dundee "it's for washing your backside!"

I'd love a bidet - washing my backside is my favorite hobby. That's why they call me Scrubby Bummy.
They also call you Cleaness Anus. Damn! I've used that A-word again! Holy Defecating Stool! What was I thinking? I am the biggest, dirtest, ass-wiping, stool-gathering, excrement-sucking, fudge-packing, rectal-penetrating, shit-disturbing, poo fanatic!! I hope you will forgive me!
You forgot fecal-loving, ass-barfing and expert excretist.

And you are fogiven my little cheek squeezer!
i believe it's for cleansing the "frontside" of the woman, especially at "dirtier" times of the month. this girl who lives with a european, who lived in a house with not one, but TWO bidets, has not endorsed the "man-use" of the bidet, other than to wash his feet upon returning from the beach.
ms. m-you repulse and amuse me all at once. i rebaptize you "her fecalness".
honoured to be Her Royal Fecalness
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