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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  Drawn Together
Ok, I admit it. I have sinned. I have had little or no input here. Waaaah! I just have nothing girls. NOTHING. I'm up at 8am watching Saved By the Bell (an episodei n which they all join some cadet program and have an athletic competition where all the dquipment is set up in the halls of the school. WEIRD). Does that explain how bad my life has gotten? DOES IT? And then Dawson's Creek which makes me cry every single episode. I'm going crazy.
So Ms.Mysterioso made me brunch this weekend and it was DELISH and we watched my new fave show. It's called Drawn Together. Animated series that is SO not politically correct. You will all love it. I swear. Lots of poop, fart, and sex jokes. Everything about it is SO wrong. Gloriously wrong. Back me up Ms.M! It is a Big Brother-esque show where a bunch of cartoon characters live in a house together. The world's first animated reality show. All the characters are stereotypes of cartoon chatacters (i.e. Princess Clara is a Disney-esque princess, Ling-Ling is like Pokemon, Xandir is a video game character, Toots Braunstein is a 20's sex symbol a la Betty Boop, etc..). It is so funny.
Anyone want to come to San Fran with me for the night? Booo.

- Tali

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