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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  the joys of one's bed
ahhh the fuzzy yumminess of crawling into your own bed.
it is no secret to all of you here that i am a fan of the nap. i am sure that i have fallen into slumber at each and every one of your homes (at some point in some city...). i can hardly think of a better activity. but take said nap and plunk it down in your own bed, and well, we have heaven in heaven.
there are a number of factors that contribute to this perfect state. let's commence with the environment. my can nap when it's cold, when it's warm, when it's rainy, when it's just plain yucky grey out. but my favorite time is when it's sunny. the light filtered by the tree outside streams in my bedroom window and brightens the rasperry colour of the walls. i am in a womb of coziness. the window must be cranked open a bit, as to let in the rustling of the leaves and a semi-cool breeze.
the coolity brings ont the second factor: the covers. crisp and fresh and perfectly tucked in, i say! sheets that make a little rustle sound when you move. mmm, mmm, mmm. topped by a plush duvet. now there must be enough as to be able to bring covers close to the body for extra snuggliness.
perfection number 3 is the matress. i never knew i could be in love with a matress. upon moving in with the c, i sent him shopping for the bed of divinity. oh and he found it all right. this is when i truly learned that a nap anywhere is not the same as a nap in my own bed. its a queen, and its wonderful when i'm all alone.
and the best way to wake up form a nap? have someone climb in and seduce you out of your slumber....
Agreed re sheets and agreed re blankees. Not sure about the sunny part as I feel "weird" if I sleep during the day sometimes and not sure re the seduction.
La petite prude chou chou likes her naps to be seduction-free. mid-afternoon sex may be sudection-crazy, but les naps sont pour moiƩ tout seule.
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