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Friday, October 28, 2005
  A Bathroom Game for Men
Girls, it has come to my attention that it is not uncommon for men to play a little game with the toilet called "Beat the Flush". This involves flushing the toilet prior to completion of urination and "racing", if you will, with the spiralling stream of water. It appears this practice has become a ritual, a phenomenon. I have asked several men and 80% of those interviewed know exactly what it is and play it occasionally or often.

What is the female perspective on such a juvenile diversion?
Please, pose the question to other young males you know and let's find out how widespread this thing is!
if i were a man, i would totally play that game!
though if delving deeper into this, i find the game a peculiar developement, as it is often said that men ignore each other in the 'throom. now not only are they in conversation, but they are playing games as well.
ahhhh the 21st century metrosexual!
I play that game with poo...
I thought everyone did!

It also masks the sound of the poo plopping
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