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Saturday, October 29, 2005
  Showers, pee, San Fran
Hello girls! How are you all? Miss Kay..what exactly do you need 250 used tires for? What is going on out there?
So, a friend of mine (JP) posted an interesting question on her blog. I feel this follows along with Ms.M's pee in the bowl before it flushes game. So JP was asking if you get in the shower and stand there facing the water or away. Apparently, according to her research, men get in and face the word and women immediately face away. Input? Opinions?
Also, toilet paper. Apparently women scrunch and men fold.
So San Fran was ok. Lots of travelling, not lots of time. But I got a call from their HR telling me they are very interested in me. EEP! I'm so nervous about the possibility of moving. So much so that I haven't really talked about it at all. I'm in major avoidance mode.
So, what is everyone up to for Halloween? Costumes?
Tell me tell me tell me!
Men fold the TP? And yet...they can't fold laundry...interesting!
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