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Friday, November 04, 2005
Ok, I'm totally freaking out about this move. I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm wearing a hole in the floor of my apartment from the pacing back and forth. I don't have an official offer letter or an official start date and...*sigh*. I'm just petrified girls.
How do I do all this?
Do I have to empty out my furniture before I take pictures to sell it or does it look better if it is in use? How do I find boxes? HELP ME!

I'm panicked.
clear the clutter but make sure the furniture is in use.
thats just my opinion.
and don't freak out.
Let's try something new (for all of us) here. Let's try being calm, and rational and putting things into perspective intead of freaking right out and reaking (sp?!) more havok in our lives than is necessary.

First of all : I don't think you have to empty out all your funiture, but I would simply clean up anything around it, re-tighten any loose screws, and of course, strip and re-finish it, to make it look the best it can look for sellage.

Second : don't overplan the move or anything until you have the offer letter and start date. Then evaluate if the start date is feasible and ask for an extra week. month or year of travel time, if necessary. Plan backwards from that date to create a realistic and not-too-hectic move plan, and make sure to plan vacation time within the travel time for added relaxation.

Thirdly : You live next to a grocery store which is the best place to find boxes. Just leisurely stroll over there and ask when the best day to get boxes is (they usually get shipments on certain days) then plan to go over there on that day and get a few boxes (4-5) and fill them as you get them, at a medium pace.
If there are no boxes at the grocery store the second best place to go is an LCBO is there if one near you, which I think there is. If they have no empty boxes, ask for the full ones and work your way through the contents until the box is empty. Repeat as necessary.
You can also buy boxes if you MUST. No reason to freak out over this one.

Finally, panic is not an emotion that will help you at this point. You have made a rash decision and will be leaving all your blogger buddies in Canada behind (except that one who made a rash decision a couple months ago and is in Cali already). We all know that you are making a huge mistake, but its too late now and you'll just have to suffer the concequenses of the sunny days, the amazing salary and best job you've ever had on your own. I'm sorry, but a little tough love might get you through this better than coddling.

So when you are sitting oceanside in a tanktop, sipping on a margherita, thinking about your gorgeous apartment and fantastic social life (I know- scratch that- have heard about what San Fran is like) - don't say I didn't warn you.

Also, only because I worry that you might be panicking in San Fran too, I might come down to see you and confirm the mistake that I feel you are making. I will simply stay with you for a few days, check out the god-awful city that SF is, partake in a few nights out to confirm the above, tan in your backyard and be off, in a cloud of disgust and assuring myself, that yes, I was right and you definitely made the wrong decision.

I hope this helps. It is, as you know, "for your own good".

Love, HickTeeth
an impressive and compassionate show of support for tali. where did you find such empanthy from within you?
wow hickteeth sure it thorough. sounds like we may all need the contents of those LCBO boxes before they are unpacked to the shelves.

Tali, no panic! Everything will fall into place with logic and an organized plan. You have moved before!

Don't forget to ask for help when you need it. If you need me at your beck and call 24-7 (after 6PM only) I will be there. We can rent a car, steal boxes, tape, pack, sell, make out- whatever you want!!

I think Hick Teeth and OOTG may have to plan a big bad toronto weekend to assist in the logic/organized plan and party it up with us, one last time!!
Such a plan of action can be organized. Please synchronize your blog-ches (blog watches).

When is the meeting time and place?

(imagine Hicky -haha- and OOTG with tape and tape guns and boxes balancing on heads)
and if there is to be some makin' out... well how can i refuse?
Makin' out? WOOHOOO! I'm in.
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