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Thursday, November 03, 2005
As our days of blogging turn into weeks, I have noted a new language, a bloguage, if you will, forming under our very noses.

I think at this stage of our blogsploration, it is necessary to take a moment to reflect and enjoy all that we have created.

I bring to you girls, the Blogtionary (a.k.a: Blogcabulary) created by the Our 5 Cents Bloggers.

Here is the fruit of our creation, defined, and in alphabetical order.

Barf Log: (n.) barph-lawg: What "blog" is shortened from.

Blingo: (n.) blinn-go: Blog lingo

Blogbarf: (n.) blawg-barph: Absolute nonsense written about in a blog.

Blogcabulary: (n.) blawg-kab-you-lair-ee. Blog-related terminology.

Blogcess: (v.) blawg-sess: To occupy one's mind excessively with a blog. Symptoms: creating entire posts in one's head while on the can, checking blog every 30-90 seconds to look for new posts and comments, not leaving the house due to the possibility that a new blog entry will be posted. Seek help immediately.

Blogcession: (n.) blawg-sess-iyon: An abnormal preoccupation with blogs and blogging. See also Blogcess (v.)

Blogerific: (adj.) blawg-err-iph-ick: A feeling of wonderment relating to blog.

Blogeroo: (n.) blawg-err-rue: An endearing term for a blog.

Blogfit: (n.) blawg-phitt: A hysteria or outburst related to a blog.

Blogginate: (v.) blawg-ghin-eight: The act of writing a blog entry.

Blogopic: (n.) blawg-awp-ick: Subject written about in a blog.

Blog Purge: (n.) blawg purrj: A release or outpouring of emotion written in a blog.

Blogsability: (n.) blawg-sah-bill-it-tea: A requirement to meet expected frequency of blog posting.

Blog Sadness: (n.) blawg sahd-niss: A feeling of disappointment and emptiness when one checks the blog and there is no new post or comment to read.

Blogsploration: (n.) blawg-splore-ay-shon: A discovery of the value and wonders of blogging.

Blogtionary: (n.) blawg-shin-air-ee: A collection of blog-related words.

Blogtivity: (n.) blawg-tiv-it-tee: A task or diversion related to blog-writing.

Bloguage: (n.) blawg-ahj: A dialect related only to the blog.

Round Bloggin': (n.) raouwnd blawg-inn: A repetitive cycle of blog posts, turn-taking of each blog member

Unblog: (v.) uhn-blawg: To erase a posted blog.

Virgin Blogger: (n.) verr-jin blawg-grr: The state of being prior to one's first post.

Now, my dear partners in blog, when you use a new term, please define it for the gang so we can incorporate it into our daily blingo!
Blogspert - those exceptionally well versed in the world of blog
Lovely, T! FYI, I have made a correction... and changed the word Bloggo- formerly meaning Blog Lingo to "BLINGO".
This is an impressive show of true Tom-Bloggery : an act of silliness or foolishness in relation to one's blog.
very impressed ms. m, very! you blogcrastinated like only a true friend of ours would.
(blogcrastinate: to use blog as a form of procrastination.)
or hick, what about "blog foolery"?
ooh! ooh! ooh! I was just reading some old stuff (up too late, i know) and came across a comment where cara coined the terms "blogplaint" (criticism or concern voiced or typed by a blog user) and "bloglem": (unpleasing issue related to the blog)

way to go girls! this blogtionary of ours may be the next big thing for bloggers across the world (blogternationally).
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