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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
upon studying my own face today, i was forced to come to grips with the following:
5 black hairs (tweezed immediately)
1 white zit on left side of neck (almost making me want to barf at myself... promptly popped)
1 red zit on the right side of the neck (nothing i can do about that one)
1 whitish zip on the lower right of my chin (still not ripe enough to "take care of")
several (by which i really mean dozens) of tiny little red dot like zits, that i'm not sure are really zits, they are just there to annoy the shit out of me today, all over my entire chin, especially in the crease area
since i stopped taking the pill sometime in july i have reverted back to teenagerdom. what the hell is up with this? for those of you who were well aquinted with me in the teenage years you will recall that i had way more than 5 dark hairs on my face. so if you thought 5 was gross, just think of me then, and thank the lord that i do not look like that today. another problem is my lack of period. where for art thou period? (its been along time since i have seen you, and i don't really miss you, but it would be nice to know that you are out there somewhere.)
for all the strangers out there in internet land, you are welcome for painting such a lovely image of myself.
oh and hick, that laser beam that was on my forehead the other day is now gone.
Way to exaggerate OOTG. I should re-name you One of the Hideous Beats. So anyway OOTHB, I saw you yesterday and did not notice such atrocities all over your face! And lord knows I would have had it been serious! I am very critical and judgmental!

also don't remember the many dark hairs on face when you were a teenager. Am too busy trying to forget your wild-girl-tendancies and barfing-in-the-bathroom-at-Dawson episodes.
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