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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  How My Life is Crumbling As I Type This Blog (a tale of woe)
Well... crumbling: maybe not totally, but just for the night (if all goes well). I was so woefully busy at work today I have neglected about 214 times 10 to the power of 33 things that I was supposed to do. Work has been like this for weeks now, thanks to my new, oh so prestigious title of Professional Practice Leader. And don't forget that extra $18 per month, before tax.

Allow me to vent right now, as I am at work at 6:13PM with nary an end in sight. I got in at 8:30 AM and, if I'm good, will be back in here before 8AM tomorrow. I have a long night ahead of me, I am working on a project for hospital administration that I have put off until.... RIGHT NOW! In my defense, every minute of my time since it has been assigned was accounted for. Lunch is at my desk these days and if I do type a personal email, I regret it the whole time.

So that's one thing.

Second thing: One of Eli's best friends is doing a medical rotation here for a month!! She's a nice girl and we chatted a bit today. I didn't ask about Eli, she didn't mention him. Is it incredibly rude not to bring up his name, as he is our connection? I think, much to my dismay, I am going to be obligated to find out a bit about his life now... which so far, I have been completely content not to know!

Third thing: I was sposda go out with this lawyer-guy Paul tonight for our first real date. Well... he never specifically told me TONIGHT was the night (we just sorta kinda said "Tuesdays" were good), but he told my friend Gabriela. He texted yesterday and said he'd call, but no call! Today too- no call! Am I being stood up (though I didn't know we officially had plans)?

And to top it all off, Tali might be moving!!!!

Woe woe woe.....
Oy yoy yoy!
My poor Mysterioso! working your patoot off, finding out about Eli (who is the girl?) and not-dating the lawyer.. (that was my sum-up)
Oh, and the biggie - Tali leaving us.

Now I feel woeful... WOE!

did he ever call you?

Perhaps "Freethinker" would like to give his opinion on the matter? (see comments on Tali's last entry)
The girl is some chica he's known since at least high school. i never knew her well. No biggie. The lawyer called last night, he's annoying, he gives a "hearty laugh" to things that aren't funny. He didn't ask me out when we got off the phone so i can only assume the magic is gone for him too. I went out with the young dude from halloween tonight (you have to read MY BLOG to find out about him) and he was really cool, cute, funny... but 24 so he says "like" a lot (hopefully not "and stuff like that") and he just graduated from uni in the spring!!! He just moved away from home in august!!! But he's pretty cute and i like em younger so we'll go out again. That youthful thing has its own long list of benefts. Wow, maybe in the future i should just respond by email, eh? well there's the full update for you, and for all of cyber-espace.
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