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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  Blog-sessed, a poem in 6 verses by HickTeeth
I admit it.
I can't help it.
I check our site like a
Woman having a blog-fit

When work is slow
And my mind is adrift
And there are no friends to
Have a nice lunch with

When I am alone in this big city
And the connections with my ladies pretty
Are hard to feel because of time and space
Our Five Cents can take their place

so I check and I check and I
check check check
And I post and I comment and I
become obsessed

And I can no longer control the mouse
And my hands shake if I try to go out
I need a remedy for this Blog Sadness
Like Ren's Icre Cream Bar in the episode Space Madness!!!

Girls please help or give suggestions
Or make a new blog entry! Or add comments!
So's I have something new to read
And I can cease and desist with the laments...
hickteeth, for fun you can check out allmyex-boyfriends. i've posted so much there and no one is commenting!!! it makes me feel like poo. So go there and read and comment on my mediocre life. Just make sure not to tell the world cause i don't want the world to know my shite.
wow. i am thoroughly impressed.
yeah, i forgot to mention-- i love the ren and stimpy and southpark references.... i think you need a little "drawn together" in your life.
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