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Friday, November 04, 2005
  Analyzing the Chew
Late this PM, following my Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, I had to switch gears from the obese to the starved. I paid a visit to G, my stubborn gal with an eating disorder.

She is gaining weight and refusing snacks because of it... a viscious cycle that will undoubtedly make her stay here with us days or weeks longer.

So she and I were talking about her food intake (or lack thereof) and the subject of tube feeding came up.

G: "Girls who choose tube feeding at Sick Kids are stupid. You get less calories when you eat the real food".
Ms. M: "And you lose a lot of control when you are force-fed like that".
G: "And chewing burns calories too."
Ms. M: (laughs) "Not a whole lot."
G: "If you chew constantly for one hour, you burn 11 calories."
Ms. M: "G, do you really think those calories are going to come off your butt or be noticible at all?"
G: (laughs)

Then we became buddies (even though she manipulates me every step of the way) because I agreed to change her breakfast choices, her deal was that she will eat it all. What wonders will Monday bring????
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